BREAKING: I never accused Buhari of using naira redesign, fuel scarcity to scuttle my victory - Tinubu – Newstrends
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BREAKING: I never accused Buhari of using naira redesign, fuel scarcity to scuttle my victory – Tinubu



Bola Ahmed Tinubu

Presidential candidate of the All Progressive Congress Bola Ahmed Tinubu on Thursday gave further clarifications over his comments at the Abeokuta Ogun state rally where he alleged that some unnamed persons are behind the current fuel scarcity and redesign of the Naira to stop him from winning.
Bayo Onanuga, Director of Media of the campaign on behalf of Tinubu, have the clarifications in a statement made available to the NPO Reports on Thursday.

“Nigerians should no longer be in doubt about those working in cahoots with fifth columnists in the system to inflict avoidable pains on our hapless people for political end,” the statement started
Onanuga said hardly had the presidential candidate of the APC concluded his campaigns than those he called “the fifth columnists “ feasted on his remarks to score political points,
He said Tinubu’s statement was a way of empathizing with the “Nigerian people facing the dual crises of fuel and new Naira notes scarcity.”

The statement made reference to Tinubu’s major opponent Atiku Abubakar whom he said “issued a knee-jerk response, derailing from the issues, distorting Asiwaju’s statement and trying, in vain, to create a wedge between our presidential candidate and President Muhammadu Buhari.”


“When the guilty are afraid of being uncovered,” the statement went further “they try to push back with red-herring.”

See the Rest of the statement below:

For the records, Asiwaju Tinubu during APC campaign rally at Abeokuta on Wednesday, in his statement, did not mention, blame or accuse President Muhammadu Buhari for the current challenges in the country.

Asiwaju Tinubu was only adverting government’s attention to the sabotage being carried out by some Fifth Columnists in the system, possibly working in cahoots with the PDP.

The CBN officials, including Governor Godwin Emefiele have said many times that enough new Naira notes have been supplied to the banks, yet our people complain that they have not been able to get the new notes.

In recent days, many ATMs are either not working or when working they are dispensing the old notes, just a few days to the January 31 deadline.

Similarly, Asiwaju Tinubu is aware of the salutary efforts by President Buhari to end the fuel queues, by chairing a 14-man panel. Yet the queues and agony continue.

For a presidential candidate, who cares about the suffering of our people, he has a duty to warn government that its efforts to make life better for Nigerians are being sabotaged on several fronts.

Our presidential candidate only re-echoed what is well known and acknowledged, even by President Buhari himself at different fora: That there are Fifth Columnists in and outside of government who often throw spanners in the works against good intentions and programmes of the government.

How does an advisory genuinely made by Asiwaju Tinubu to protect and create goodwill for the government of his party become an attack? It can only be so in the jaundiced view of the PDP.

It is in this light we found amusing the directionless Atiku Campaign’s bagful of mischief in their hurriedly put together press statement meant to gain shameful mileage from the suffering of Nigerians.

PDP and Atiku should remember not to get high on their own smoke. No political blackmail and an attempt to create a conflict between Tinubu and his long-term ally, President Muhammadu Buhari can succeed.


We have bad news for Atiku and his handlers: their latest mischief is therefore doomed to fail.

The Atiku rudderless campaign, always seeking cheap shots and easy ways has again woefully attempted to make a mountain out of a molehill from the comments made by Asiwaju Tinubu in Abeokuta.

As a patriotic and compassionate leader, Asiwaju Tinubu will not stomach seeing ordinary Nigerians being made to face excessive difficulties over mundane issues due to activities of petrol and currency hoarders.

As a proud leader of the APC, Asiwaju Tinubu would not also look indifferent as his party and the government get dirtied with black brush at a critical time like this, whether he is a candidate or not.

Atiku camp’s hasty move to mine political capital out of the clearly difficult situation betrays his campaign’s possible connivance, due to its desperation.

As Asiwaju said in Abeokuta, these orchestrated hardships will not stop his impending victory come 25 February. Nigerians shall surely vote for a party that is working to solve all the problems and mess created by the PDP for which their presidential candidate was an integral part in the, largely, 16 unproductive years they spent in government.

Atiku and his team can continue their indulgence in fake news and twisted narratives, they cannot change the minds of majority of Nigerians who have long rejected the PDP and Atiku, after their 16 wasted years in power.


Breaking: Saraki loyalist, Senator Rafiu Ibrahim, dies at 57



Breaking: Saraki loyalist, Senator Rafiu Ibrahim, dies at 57


A top politician, Senator Rafiu Ibrahim, has died at the a prime age of 57.

Ibrahim, an ally of former Senate President Senator Bukola Saraki, reportedly died early Wednesday morning in a hospital in Abuja.

Newstrends learnt from a family source that Ibrahim died after a brief illness.

Rafiu Ibrahim from Ojoku, Kwara State, was a member of Kwara State House of Assembly in 2009.

He was later elected in April 2011 to represent Ifelodun/Offa/Oyun Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives of Nigeria in the 7th National Assembly.

Ibrahim became a senator in 2015 when he was elected to represent Kwara South Senatorial District.

He however lost his re-election bid into the 9th National Assembly to Lola Ashiru of the All Progressive Congress (APC) in the 2019 general elections.

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PDP: 60 Reps stop Wike group from endorsing Damagun



Nyesom Wike

PDP: 60 Reps stop Wike group from endorsing Damagun

The lingering leadership crisis of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) took a new dimension on Tuesday as members of the G60 in the House of Representatives led by Hon. Ikenga Ugochinyere truncated plans by lawmakers loyal to the FCT Minister, Barrister Nyesom Wike, to endorse Mr Umar Damagun as substantive National Chairman of the party.

Trouble started during the closed meeting convened by the Minority Leader, Hon. Kingsley Chinda when Hon. Ugochinyere challenged the Caucus Leader’s presentation.

Hon. Ugochinyere, who flared up during the meeting was seen being persuaded by some PDP lawmakers.

However, before the end of the meeting, members of the G60 group left the hall, thereby leaving about 40 lawmakers in the hall where the press briefing took place.

While speaking on the outcome of the closed-door meeting which lasted for over 3 hours, Hon. Chinda said: “We have just concluded the third meeting of the Peoples Democratic Party Caucus of the 10th Assembly and we have resolved firstly to tell all of us and the world that the PDP Caucus in the House of Representatives remain united, indivisible committed and out to perform our duty as the watchdog on behalf of Nigerian people.

“In the same vein, we x-rayed the security situation in our country and we resolved that we can no longer take this situation where Nigerian is almost tagged as ‘one life, one minute silence’.


“The government is therefore called upon to immediately take steps to ensure that the security situation in the country is normalized.

“And the Caucus has also given a three-month ultimatum for government to normalize the security situation in our country. After three months, the Caucus will take further steps to sensitize and mobilize Nigerians to perhaps take their security into their hands.

“The House of Representatives Caucus also agreed to call on all Party Caucuses, the Board of Trustees, National Executive Committee and the National Working Committee of the party to embark on reconciliatory measures with a view to resolving all litigations that are pending and have hindered the party in any way whatsoever from having a substantive National Chairman.

“We call on our leaders, leaders of the Peoples Democratic Party to continue to demonstrate unconditional loyalty to the party and ensure that the party is moved to her pride of place where she enjoyed the position of the largest party in Africa and to take back the Aso Villa which is actually supposed to be our birthright.

“And so for us, we are going back as we resume the session to commence a strong, virile and purpose-driven opposition to give the people a voice in the Parliament,” he said.

While reacting to the recent suspension of Senator Abdul Ningi, the Minority Leader urged the Senate leadership “to recall our colleague, our senior brother, a veteran politician, a Parliamentarian per excellence, Abdul Ningi.”

Meanwhile, one of the G60 members who gave insight into the discussions during the closed-door meeting confirmed that the hard stance of the group frustrates the grand plan to pass a vote of confidence on the embattled acting PDP National Chairman.

The lawmaker who does not want his name in print said: “We are glad that the plan of the pro-Wike group supporting Damagun falls like a pack of cards, as we refused all entreaties to perpetuate illegality and stoking of crisis in the party.

“Our position remains that Damagun must go for someone from North-central to take over and complete Ayu’s tenure.

“Our Party needs total overhaul and reformation. We currently have in the PDP a national leadership that is in bed with the APC and is working extremely hard to hand over the party to the APC.

“This is quite shameful and disheartening. But we won’t fold our hands and let that happen.

“We are aside other demands insisting on 100 percent formation of Caretaker PDP executive list at all levels without any tampering or inclusion of new names outside the earlier resolution that members of the expiring excos should act as Caretaker for 3 months pending the conduct of substantive election.

“Our party will not be overtaken by APC, we are here to serve the Nigerian people not to the whims and caprices of some selfish politicians,” he noted.

PDP: 60 Reps stop Wike group from endorsing Damagun

(Nigerian Tribune)

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Fresh crisis hits NNPP as party’s BOT suspends Kano gov



Abba Yusuf

Fresh crisis hits NNPP as party’s BOT suspends Kano gov

The crisis rocking the New Nigeria Peoples Party, NNPP, has taken a new dimension as the Board of Trustees of a faction of the party has announced the six-month suspension of Abba Yusuf, the Governor of Kano State.

This decision, revealed by Comrade Oginni Olaposi Sunday, the party’s National Secretary, is linked to alleged anti-party activities involving the governor.

During a press conference held at the party’s headquarters in Abuja, Oginni stated that this suspension stems from Yusuf’s failure to comply with a prior summons to appear before a disciplinary committee.

The committee was tasked with investigating his alleged violations of the party’s constitution, specifically his participation in what the party deems an unauthorized national convention organized by the Kwankwasiya group on April 6, 2024, at the Class Event Centre in Wuse, Abuja.


“We called this conference to intimate you on the developments resulting from the recent invitation extended to Gov. Abba Kabir Yusuf of Kano to appear before a disciplinary committee,” Oginni explained. He highlighted the necessity of addressing these issues publicly, given the governor’s status as a prominent national figure of the NNPP.

The disciplinary committee, led by Barrister Monday Mawah and with Prince Adetoyese Omakanye as secretary, noted that Gov. Yusuf did not attend the scheduled hearing or provide any explanation for his absence despite being given ample opportunity to defend himself.

“In accordance with Article 39.0, 39(1-4) on disciplinary procedures, His Excellency Abba Yusuf was availed with an unfettered opportunity to explore all openings to resolve the issues being investigated as stipulated therein in relation to allegations of gross misconduct brought against him, he however failed to take advantage of this by not appearing,” Oginni added.

The NNPP’s internal regulations and the 2022 constitution, as amended, mandate strict adherence to party discipline and the supremacy of party directives. The decision to suspend Yusuf was made following a unanimous decision by the National Working Committee (NWC), underscoring the party’s commitment to maintaining stringent internal democratic and disciplinary measures.

Fresh crisis hits NNPP as party’s BOT suspends Kano gov

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