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Ohanaeze reacts to Obi’s detention by London Immigration



Ohanaeze reacts to Obi’s detention by London Immigration 

Apex Igbo socio-cultural body, Ohanaeze Ndigbo, has condemned a reported attempt to arrest the Labour Party presidential candidate, Peter Obi, in London.

It said it a move by political enemies to embarrass and pull down Obi.
Obi was said to have been interrogated at Heathrow Airport, London, on April 7, over his identity.
He disclosed this to longtime ally, Prof. Stella Okunna, who served under him when he was the governor of Anambra State.

Ohanaeze in its reaction said the sole aim of faking Obi’s identity was to use his name to commit crime in London and other parts of the world so as to rope him into a number of offences to get him out of the political space.

Ohanaeze’s National Publicity Secretary, Dr Alex Chidozie Ogbonnia, said, “It is very unfortunate for those who want to rope in Obi and embarrass him. “However, it was good it happened. After this, there will not be such a thing again anywhere in the world as they have been exposed.
“They have exposed their plots to the whole world. But whoever is playing such is wasting time and energy.


“It is very clear to the world that the man is a man of integrity and law abiding, who had been pursuing his mandate legally. So, any plot to rope and embarrass him will continue to fail. They are being exposed.
“It is unfortunate that some Nigerians still want us backwards. But we will resist it, Nigerians will resist it; the youths will resist it because they want a future.”

In her account of what Obi told her, as narrated in her Facebook account, Prof. Okunna, titled the piece as: “What Peter Obi is going through: does any human being deserve this type of shocking intimidation and emotional torture?”

She said, “Today 11/04/2023, I was shocked beyond words to hear from His Excellency, Mr. Peter what he went through when his British Airways plane landed at Heathrow Airport, London, in the early morning of Friday 07/04/2023.

“He was talking to me at the official opening of the Specialist Hospital of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (IHM) Sisters, Nkpor.

“He had arrived at the event after flying in from London, his presence heralded by the usual ‘ear-splitting’ ovation that accompanies him everywhere nowadays.

“As the ‘Most Outstanding Pillar of the Foundation/Hospital’, the Reverend Sisters were full of expectations that he would attend; so were we (members of the Governing Board of the IHM Sisters Healthcare System), although there was also anxiety about whether he would be able to make it, being outside Nigeria.


“I actually had no idea he had travelled out of the country, until the ovation over his presence in a London Church went viral on the Internet.

“I would never have imagined he would be able to go anywhere so soon after his energy-sapping marathon visits on 06/04 to Paul University, Regina Caeli Hospital and other health facilities, where he went about touching lives in his usual quiet philanthropic manner.

“His whirlwind activities that day in Anambra State and beyond were another eloquent testimony to Peter Obi’s incredible stamina and multi-tasking capacity.

“To be able to fly out of the country that night, made this capacity even more incredible.

“Landing in London, Peter Obi joined the usual queue to pass through Immigration, and that was when his ordeal began.

“He was stopped and questioned for a long time and subsequently handed a detention note and told to wait for further interrogation and investigation. This was terribly unusual for a man who had lived honourably in the UK for a long time.

“In the face of this harassment, some well-meaning Nigerians, knowing who he is, raised their voices in protest, demanding to know why he was being treated that way.

“Then came the shocking revelation by the Immigration Officer who told him that his identity ‘WAS DUPLICATED’. This revelation has definitely set off alarm bells.

“For people who are knowledgeable about such matters, this is a very dangerous development because the implication is that someone is impersonating Peter Obi.

“And that someone could implicate Obi in all manner of dubious and even criminal activities, and rope him into any number of offences; he could get Obi framed for one criminal act or another.”

Ohanaeze reacts to Obi’s detention by London Immigration


Dangote, Innosson, Elumelu, 13 others listed as Members of Presidential Economic Advisers



Dangote, Shettima and Elumelu

Dangote, Innosson, Elumelu, 13 others listed as Members of Presidential Economic Advisers

President Bola Tinubu has set up an economic advisory committee constituted members of the private sectors players such as Aliko Dangote, Femi Otedola, Tony Elumelu, Innocent Chukwuma (Innoson), Abdul Samad Rabiu (BUA), among others.  

The tripartite committee comprised of 17 members from both the Federal government, sub-nationals and private sector. 

President Tinubu declared during the inauguration in Abuja with governors and business figures on Sunday that all potential strategies would be examined to address the socio-economic difficulties facing the nation. 

What the President is Saying 

According to the President, the federal government is ready to collaborate closely with all stakeholders to identify enduring solutions to the country’s current situation. 

  • ”Let’s look at what we’re doing right and what we’re doing wrong to bring life back to the economy. Like I said, many times, the people of this country are only the people who we have to please. 
  • ”We are very much concerned from students to mothers and fathers, farmers, the traders and realising that everyone of us will have to fetch water from the same well.  
  • ”We’re looking for additional efforts that might help the downtrodden Nigerians and we will provide that hope and reassurance that economic recovery is on its way.  
  • ”We are not saying that we have all the answers. But we will not be blamed for not trying. 
  • ”We assure Nigerians that we will do our best to get our marshal plans in place and fashion out the best economic future for this country,” he said. 


More Insights 

Also speaking at the meeting was the governor of Anambra State, Charles Soludo who said that the meeting allowed for cross fertilisation of ideas on the state of the economy and the way forward, adding that every Nigerian need to contribute to its growth. 

  • ”We have all the potentials and we have all that it takes to make Nigeria ride through these turbulent times and put the economy back on a sustainable growth. 
  • ”I think there is unity of purpose, determination, the sense of patriotism and determination by all to make it happen and by the special grace of God, it’s now the execution, execution,” he said. 

On his part, the governor of Ogun State, Dapo Abiodun, said that all governors have resolved to join hands with the President to provide the necessary intervention to cushion the effect of the administration’s reforms. 

Abiodun assured Nigerians that government at all tiers would not leave them alone in this trying period, adding that better times are in the offering shortly. 

  • ”In my state and in other states, we are bringing in rice, we’re bringing food items and we’re selling at rates that can be obtained before the downslide of the Naira,” he added.  
  • Also in attendance were   Wale Edun, Minister of Finance and Coordinating Minister of the Economy;  Atiku Bagudu,  Budget and National Planning minister, Abubakar Kyari,  Agriculture and Food Security minister and  Mohammed Idris, Information and National Orientation. 
  • Some of the private sector players at the meeting included Chairman of the Dangote Group, Aliko Dangote; Chairman of BUA Group, Abdul Samad Rabiu; Chairman of Heirs Holdings, Tony Elumelu; Group Chief Executive Officer of Pandora Plc, Wale Tinubu; Managing Director of Matrix Group, Abdullabir Aliu; Chief Executive Officer of Financial Derivative Company, Bismarck Rewane; and  Director-General, Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN), Segun Ajayi-Kadir. 
  • Femi Otedola, however, was not physically present in the meeting.

Dangote, Innosson, Elumelu, 13 others listed as Members of Presidential Economic Advisers

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Atiku urges Tinubu to learn from Argentina President, says there continue to be discontentment unless…



Atiku urges Tinubu to learn from Argentina President, says there continue to be discontentment unless…


Former Vice President Abubakar Atiku has urged President Bola Tinubu to emulate Argentinian President Javier Milei’s economic reforms and strategies if he is serious about turning things around in Nigeria.

Indeed Atiku, presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the 2023 poll, said there would continue to be discontentment in the country through protests if Tinubu failed to implement economic policies based on leadership-led sacrifice.

“Unless, and until there are clear-cut policies and pathway to economic rejuvenation predicated on a leadership-led sacrifice, there will be discontentment, especially among the youths, which may find expression in protests and for which it will be silly to continue to blame the opposition for,” he said in a new statement.

According to him,  President Tinubu has a lot to learn from President Milei of Argentina, who came to power last December and inherited disoriented state economy but applying different recovery measures.

He Milei who inherited a worse condition than Nigeria’s was gradually returning his country to a place where investors are ‘starting to believe’, noting that this should serve as a lesson to Tinubu.

He argued that Nigeria is where it is today because of what Tinubu has done or did not do.

He said Milei “started off cutting government expenditure by cutting the size of government and wastages; blocked stealing of government funds, and attracted Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) through concessions, tax holidays, and improved ease of doing business.

“President Milei flies regular business class for all his travels and does not offer the presidential fleet of Argentina for his son’s birthday. Likewise, there is no settlement for his hangers-on and political allies through unwieldy and burdensome appointments to public offices.

“Argentina’s Milei did not build the largest government like Tinubu did at a time when our economy was and still on its knees.

“The examples set by President Milei are the requirement of leadership in a time when the economy has begun to fail the expectations of the people.”

He noted that the reforms so far implemented by the Tinubu administration were ad hoc and hurriedly put together without proper review, unlike Argentina’s Milei, who is sequencing his reforms.

According to him, Milei anticipates the after-reform shocks and admits that things will be tough for the people, but is fully prepared for the aftershocks and has in place mitigating pills.

“He walks the talk. He makes sacrifices himself by giving up perks of office. It is not business-as-usual for the presidency while the people are called upon to make sacrifices.

“Argentina runs a lean government by reducing the number of ministries, privatising nearly 40 state-owned enterprises, and reducing wasteful spending,” he added.

Atiku however said that Tinubu in Nigeria increased the number of ministers and ministries and is spending enormous resources renovating houses for himself, his deputy, and the first lady.

“That is nothing short of Nero playing fiddle while Rome is on fire!” he said.


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Breaking: Defence Headquarters dismisses coup plot report



Breaking: Defence Headquarters dismisses coup plot report


The Defence Headquarters says there is no any iota of truth in an online report (not Newstrends) of Sunday of the Presidential Guards Brigade being put on red alert suggesting fears of a coup plot.

Calls for the military to take over the government have come from some critics following rising cost of living with many staple food items becoming unaffordable for the masses.

But a statement by the Acting Director of Defence Information, Brigadier Gen Tukur Gusau, said, “The attention of the Defence Headquarters has been drawn to a malicious and unfounded article published online on 25 February 2024 claiming that the Guards Brigade has been put on high alert following unusual movements, leading to suspicion of a coup plot in Nigeria.

“The publication also asserted amongst other things that the suspicion prompted emergency meeting involving President Bola Tinubu, the Chief of Staff to the President and Commander of the Guards Brigade.

“The Defence Headquarters wishes to categorically state that the allegation is totally false.

“For the avoidance of doubt, the Guards Brigade has been statutorily assigned the responsibility of protecting the seat of power (The Presidency) and by extension the Federal Capital Territory and its environs.

“Hence, it is to be noted that the Guards Brigade has always been on high alert in order to effectively executive its assigned tasks.

“It will be recalled that the Chief of Defence Staff, General Christopher Musa had in various fora reiterated the unalloyed commitment of members of the Armed Forces of Nigeria to the protection and sustenance of democracy in Nigeria.

“Therefore, the Defence Headquarters strongly condemn this unsubstantiated assertion which is just a figment of imagination of the publisher and enjoins members of the public to disregard it.

“Furthermore, the Defence Headquarters calls on relevant security agencies to immediately take appropriate action against the Sahara Reporters for this unpatriotic action.

“Meanwhile, the Defence Headquarters will seek legal redress on the issue which has the ulterior motive of creating unnecessary tension in the country.”

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