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Agitators disturbing peace of Southwest



The Director-General, Strategic Planning and Implementations of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Ambassador Tony Obizoba has called for cessation of hostilities by those behind the Sit-at-home that has disrupted socio-economic activities in the Southeast

He said the “madness” should end, urging stakeholders to rise to the occasion.

In a statement, he said the nefarious activities of the agitators can no longer be condoned.

Obizoma said: “The security situation in the South East of Nigeria, occasioned by the activities of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and its Eastern Security Network (ESN), is becoming a thing that must no longer be condoned, especially with the way the group appears to be having upper hand over constituted authorities without the governors ever being able to stop them.

“While Nigerians, who blame the Igbo residents operating businesses in the region for complying with the SIT-AT-HOME order of the IPOB, an organisation that has now grown wings stronger and thicker than the political elites that pampered and nurtured them in the first place, may be correct, it must also be spelt out clearly that there is little or hardly anything those residents can do in a situation where the group use force and violence to implement the SIT-AT-HOME order whereas the governors that have the constitutional powers to enforce the law to their security and safety are doing nothing. To do otherwise can be suicidal for the ordinary citizens in the region.

“We can give it to the Governor of Imo State, Senator Hope Nzodinma, because he has tried a little as he has made bold statements against the IPOB’s order.  However, bold statements of the governor could bite, only if they are followed with action.

“The governors, national and state lawmakers of the South East and other political elites in the region should bear it in mind that, for their incessant conspiracy of silence and inaction, they risk the Federal Government of Nigeria taking required action as a last resort and it will have overbearing effects.  And knowing full well that the Presidency of the country will, constitutionally, not fold its arms and allow a section of the country to be taken over by powers that are strange to recognition of the law, nobody can do anything about whatever action is taken by Abuja because, owners of town cannot allow their town to scatter, says an adage.

“Some people claim they are fighting for the emancipation of Igbo Land due to what they claim to be lack of development. Under President Muhammadu Buhari, the odds of the past have started coming to even.  We have seen elements of development. We have seen roads that were, in actual fact, neglected under politicians that claimed to be our own sons now being fixed. We have seen the Second Niger Bridge, upgraded Enugu International Airport and have seen completed modular and groundbreaking of full fledge refineries brought to the region just like we also have the South East state of Anambra now enlisted as one of oil producing states now accessing the 13 percent derivation and other benefits that are expected to improve the lives of our people.

“In the wake of all of these, it will be out of place that a group of supposed fighters for the ‘liberation’ of Igboland will be the ones leading the fronts for the destruction of the same land they claim to liberate. Now, from whom are they liberating the land when, of a surety, they are physically witnessed destroyers that everybody can see?  You cannot continue to blame the Hausa-Fulani for the problem of Igboland because, the resemblance of hope that we have seen so far, which was impossible for the 14 years of our fellow Southerners in power, has been made possible only by the same Hausa-Fulani man that you hate to see in power.”

We should throw sentiments and self deceit to the bin and allow the common sense in us to lead our way for us to access better life. We once witnessed in recent past when this led Federal Government kickstarted the construction of Second Niger Bridge and our own Igbo youths went and blocked the contractors demanding for for N500 million before they could allow the development of their own region take place. Same done to contractors upgrading the Enugu Airport. And we have the same people now claimed that they are doing SIT-AT-HOME for the liberation of their land. Which land?

Again, because of SIT-AT-HOME order of these group, many souls of Igbo people have been destroyed due to blind killer spray that has taken place in the name of implementation of this said order. Travelers coming from other regions of the country to the South East region have had their vehicles set on fire and also got killed. They are fellow Igbo people. What is their offence?Our own children was chased out from exam hall and their motorbikes were destroyed. What is the other characteristic of terrorism if not this?

Funny enough, they fail to extend their SIT-AT-HOME order to Igbo doing businesses in other region in solidarity with their cause. They should have also enforced it on Igbo in Lagos, Kano, Kaduna, Sokoto and other parts to show they really care.

For how long will governors of South East continue to remain in this conspiracy of silence and allow this group reign to the detriment of the land and the people?  What has happened now by their attitude is nothing more than two governments now running the affair of each state of the South East.

It must be stopped immediately because, if the Federal Government will come to do the governors’ work for them, they should know that they will not be the ones in power to witness it as the constitution empowers President Muhammadu Buhari to declare a state of emergency to restore normalcy, common sense, security peace and order in the place. Gentility of Buhari’s lion, our people should not take it for a coward.

A stitch in time, the adage says, saves nine”

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My certificates missing, APC vice presidential candidate Masari informs INEC



Vice presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, Kabiru Masari, has notified the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) that his original certificates are missing.

This is coming amid controversy over the silence of the APC presidential candidate, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, on his primary and secondary schools certificates.

According to a report by the Nigerian Tribune, Masari, in documents submitted to INEC deposed to an affidavit on the loss of his primary and secondary schools certificates.

The APC vice presidential candidate disclosed that he attended Masari Primary school, Katsina State between 1972-78 and obtained a Grade 2 Certificate from Katsina Teachers College in 1982 and a Higher Certificate in 1995.

In the “Sworn Affidavit for Loss of Some Original Documents”, Masari said in January 2021, while on transit within Wuse, Area FCT, Abuja he lost his Certificate of Occupancy for a land located in GRA, Katsina along with his Grade 2 Certificate from Katsina Teachers College and First Leaving Primary School Certificate issued by Masari Primary School, Katsina State, (1972-78).

According to the extract from Police Diary obtained from Divisional Police Headquarter, Wuse Zone 3, Abuja, attached to his documents, “he further stated that all efforts made to trace the items proved abortive.

“The complainant is issued with Police Extract and informed that the extract is not a substitute for the lost items and was advised to go to any competent court of law to swear to an affidavit to enable him to get a replacement from the issuing authority.”

Masari’s sworn affidavit read in part: “Ibrahim Kabiru Masari, male, Muslim, Nigerian citizen of Abubakar Rimi Crescent, National Assembly Quarters, Apo, FCT– Abuja, declare an oath and state as follows:

“That I am the above-named persons and bonafide owner of the under-listed documents;

“That sometimes in January 2021, while on transit within Wuse Area, FCT– Abuja, I discovered that my original Certificate of Occupancy of plot NoKT 17522, GRA Katsina Estate; Certificate of Kaduna State Development Centre from 1994-95; Grade 11 Certificate from Katsina Teachers College from 1979-83 and First Leaving School Certificate issued by Masari Primary School Katsina State from 1972-78 got lost; that all efforts made to trace the documents proved abortive hence this affidavit.”


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Buhari moves to stop aggrieved 22 APC senators’ defection



President Muhammadu Buhari on Tuesday met with some aggrieved senators from the All Progressives Congress following their inability to get return tickets to the National Assembly.

The meeting was in a move to stem the exodus of lawmakers from the party to other parties.

The upset senators including Smart Adeyemi were led by Senator Orji Uzor Kalu to the Presidential Villa, Abuja.

Buhari said he noted their concerns about the future of the ruling party but praised their efforts to find a solution.

He assured them that as the leader of the party, one of his roles is to create an environment for members to vent their grievances.

He said he had noted their concerns over the outcomes of the just concluded party primaries, the threat to the majority held by the APC in the National Assembly and its likely consequences to the fortunes of the party.

While pointing out that there must be a winner and loser in every contest, he revealed that he had been inundated with complaints about the primaries, assuring that he would continue to address the challenges through the party machinery.

He urged party members to exercise restraint, promising that justice would be done.

The President said, “I thank you for the decision to approach me with your concerns over the future of the party and for pursuing a solutions approach for the challenges thrown up by the recent election-related activities, particularly the Primaries.

“As the leader of the party, one of my primary roles is to ensure that our culture of internal democracy and dispute resolution is strengthened by creating the opportunity for members to ventilate their opinions, views and grievances at different levels.

“Notwithstanding the fact that we have accomplished 23 years of uninterrupted democratic governance, our journey is still in a nascent stage and we continue to learn from our challenges and mistakes.


“Similarly our party is still evolving in its culture and practice and it is my expectations and hope that we should attain a mature level in our internal conduct.

“I have noted your grievances particularly as it concerns the just concluded processes. The cost to the nation, the threat to the majority of positions held by our party in the legislative chambers and likely consequent causes to the electoral fortune of the party as we approach the general elections. We must not allow these dire threats to come to pass.

“I must acknowledge that in every contest there must be a level playing ground, just as there would be grievances at the end. That is the test of our democratic credentials, systems and practices.

“I have since the conclusion of the process been inundated with various reports and complaints. In keeping with our ethos therefore I shall continue to address the insuring challenges and grievances through the party machinery while paying keen attention to the outcomes.

“I must also remind you of the primary primacy of justice in all our actions if Justice is denied its outcome is usually unpleasant, this is because you the members keep the party running. I should add that as part of the policy of using the party machinery for effective resolutions of conflict, the chairman and some members of the national working committee visited the National Assembly recently to dialogue with our legislators.

“The leadership of the party is currently addressing the outcomes as part of the way forward. I am encouraging all party functionaries to adhere to the truth and to be fair to all parties in any dispute. This is important because our strength and victory in the election lie in the unity of the party in our ability to prevent or heal any injustice perceived unread.

“I urge you and all party members to exercise restraint and continue to demonstrate commitment to the ideals while we continue to build and develop the party and the country.

“Finally, Let me assure you that justice shall prevail, aggrieved members shall be assuaged in the interest of the party and the nation shall be protected.”

The leader of the delegation, Chief Whip of the Senate, Senator Kalu, said at least 22 senators and members of the party were unhappy with the outcome of the primaries in their states.

He said the legislators had made sacrifices for the growth of the party and democracy in the country, asking for the President’s intervention.

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PDP gives Obasanjo 48 hours to clarify comment on ‘regrettable’ choice of Atiku as VP



Former President Olusegun Obasanjo

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has asked former President Olusegun Obasanjo to clarify his recent comments on regretting picking Atiku as vice-presidential candidate in 1999.

Obasanjo had, while addressing a leadership mentoring session with selected students in Abeokuta, Ogun state, on Saturday, said picking a running mate when he wanted to become Nigeria’s president in 1999 is one of the mistakes in his life.

“One thing that has happened to me is that God has never disappointed me and that is very important. For instance, one of the mistakes I made was picking a number two when I was going to become president,” Obasanjo said.

Atiku Abubakar, the PDP presidential candidate for the 2023 general election, was vice-president during the Obasanjo administration from 1999 to 2007.

However, speaking on Monday at a media briefing in Kaduna, Walid Jibrin,
chairman of the PDP board of trustees (BoT), asked the former president to clarify his statement within 48 hours.


“Our attention has been drawn to a statement said to have been made by Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, former president of Nigeria, that it was a mistake for him to have appointed Atiku Abubakar as the Vice President in 1999,” he said.

Jibrin said although Obasanjo did not specifically mention Atiku’s name, the report of what he told his audience was such that he was referring to former vice-president.

“Obasanjo should come out and clarify the statement — whether he was misquoted or he meant what he said,” Jibrin said.

“It is when he makes that clarification that the PDP will officially reply him.

“One can assume that what he said may be correct, but we want to give him time up till tomorrow (Tuesday) or next (Wednesday). If he comes out to say he had been misquoted or he meant what he said on Atiku, you will hear the bombardment and I will break the egg.

“I will also tell Nigerians and the whole world who Obasanjo is, how Atiku assisted him to rule Nigeria, and how Atiku refused his third term ambition.

“It is, therefore, very important that we hear from Obasanjo openly.”

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