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Yoruba are cultured, classy, refined people, Omokri says as he condemns northerners



Yoruba are cultured, classy, refined people, Omokri says as he condemns northerners

Reno Omokri, former presidential aide to ex-president Goodluck Jonathan, has praised the “good virtues” of the Yoruba people while berating the Northerners.

Describing the Yoruba as “such a cultured and refined people,”  Omokri noted that they are “a reflection of class and breeding.”

In a statement posted on his verified X page on Wednesday, Omokri made the remarks while backlashing the North’s approach to criticisms aimed at ex-president Muhammadu Buhari during his tenure.

Omokri noted that “the Yoruba are teaching the rest of us a lesson in tolerance and persuasion” in their defense of President Bola Tinubu’s administration.

On the other hand, he condemned the North for being “aggressive” in their reaction to criticisms directed at Buhari.

Omokri, who noted that the North perceived an attack on Buhari as an attack on the entire Arewa race, argued that “for eight years of General Buhari’s misrule, too many of our Northern brothers defended him rather aggressively and would not tolerate any criticism of the then President.”


However, he opined that “when you criticize President Tinubu, his kith and kin from the Southwest take a different approach.”

Extolling their virtues, Omokri noted that “Even when they politically disagree with you, the Yoruba will still kill you with respect.”

Omokri’s statement reads, “Things have changed in Nigeria, only that we are not noticing. The Yoruba are teaching the rest of us a lesson in tolerance and persuasion.

“For eight years of General Buhari’s misrule, too many of our Northern brothers defended him rather aggressively and would not tolerate any criticism of the then President. To attack him was often perceived as attacking Arewa.

“However, when you criticize President Tinubu, his kith and kin from the Southwest take a different approach. You observe more persuasive responses. ‘Sir, it is not true’. ‘Egbon, I won’t agree’. ‘E sir, please don’t talk like that’. ‘ Give Akanbi time. Eight months is too short. (Akanbi is Yoruba for child of destiny).

“Even when they politically disagree with you, the Yoruba will still kill you with respect. Why won’t you love them?

“Such a cultured and refined people. A reflection of class and breeding. They stoop to conquer. Even when they disagree, by and large, they agree to disagree without being disagreeable. If everybody in Nigeria could imbibe their philosophy, Nigeria would be a paradise!”

Yoruba are cultured, classy, refined people, Omokri says as he condemns northerners


BBC, Betta Edu, and ministry of corruption – Farooq Kperogi



Farooq Kperogi

BBC, Betta Edu, and ministry of corruption – Farooq Kperogi

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) aroused the rage of Nigerians this week when it revealed in its periodic newsletter called “EFCC Alert” (which it shared with news organizations on Monday) that it had recovered up to 30 billion naira of the money allegedly stolen by suspended Humanitarian and Poverty Alleviation minister Betta Edu.

The rage wasn’t directed at the EFCC, of course. It was directed at Betta Edu for the deficiency of morality it must take for her to steal that much money in just six months of being a minister. The rage also comes from people’s extrapolation of how much unconscionable theft of our public wealth must be going on in this administration undetected.

What sort of moral climate conduces to such stratospheric pillaging of the public till without a tinge of compunction or fear of consequences?

Just when Nigerians were roiling in the storm of EFCC’s revelations, Edu’s lawyers denied them and threatened to sue the BBC for publishing them, even though scores of news outlets also published the same story.

Her lawyers allege that the story about the recovery of N30 billion from her and the investigation of 50 banks connected to her, which we read in several legacy and digital-native news outlets, was repurposed from the BBC.

Well, that’s not accurate. As I indicated earlier, EFCC’s bulletin, called the “EFCC Alert,” is the source of the story, and it was shared with multiple news organizations, including the BBC.

If the information about the extortionate amount of money allegedly recovered from Edu is false, the blame for this should go to the EFCC, not the BBC—or, for that matter, any news site.

In order to write this column, I searched for the EFCC Alert to see what exactly it contains. I would have reached the same conclusions about Betta Edu as the BBC and other news organizations did if I were still in the news business.


Here’s the original, verbatim wording from the “EFCC Alert” that informed the BBC story:

“Update on Betta Edu investigation. We have laws and regulations guiding our investigations. Nigerians will also know that they are already on suspension, and this is based on the investigations we have done, and President Bola Tinubu has proved to Nigerians that he is ready to fight corruption.

“Moreover, concerning this particular case, we have recovered over N30 billion, which is already in the coffers of the Federal Government.

“It takes time to conclude investigations; we started this matter less than six weeks ago. Some cases take years to investigate. There are so many angles to it, and we need to follow through with some of the discoveries that we have seen. Nigerians should give us time on this matter; we have professionals on this case, and they need to do things right. There are so many leads here and there.

“As it is now, we are investigating over 50 bank accounts that we have traced money into. That is no child’s play. That’s a big deal. Then you ask about my staff strength.

“And again, we have thousands of other cases that we are working on. Nigerians have seen the impact of what we have done so far, by way of some people being placed on suspension and by way of the recoveries that we have made. You have seen that the programme itself has been suspended. We are exploring so many discoveries that we have stumbled upon in our investigation.

“If it is about seeing people in jail, well, let them wait. Everything has a process to follow. So Nigerians should wait and give us the benefit of the doubt.”

It’s entirely possible that the EFCC meant that in the past six weeks, it has recovered 30 billion naira from multiple corruption cases of which Betta Edu’s is one. There are many clues to that in the “alert.” Perhaps the EFCC chairman has challenges with articulate, elegant, and clear communication in the English language.

However, in the absence of any countervailing facts, it’s reasonable to assume that the EFCC Alert meant that 30 billion naira was recovered from Betta Edu and that more than 50 bank accounts belonging to her are being investigated.

After all, the title of the bulletin is “Update on Betta Edu.” It also talks of “suspension” (and Edu is the only public official we know of that is on suspension on account of corruption), although it uses the pronoun “they” to refer to the subject of suspension, implying that it could be more than one person.

Nonetheless, in referencing the recovery of 30 billion naira, the EFCC Alert talks about “this particular case”; it doesn’t say “these particular cases.” So, it’s wholly within the bounds of reason to conclude that “this particular case” refers to the title of the news bulletin: “Update on Betta Edu investigation.”


I hope the EFCC will clarify this issue for us—and, of course, be more careful in its public communication in future.

But it doesn’t really matter if Betta stole 30 billion naira in six months and salted away money in 50 bank accounts. The truth is that the ministry she supervised is a cesspool of some of the most fetid and audacious corruption that Nigeria has ever seen since the restoration of civilian rule in 1999.

Right from its inception, it was conceived as the hotbed of graft, as the featherbed of in-your-face venality. Its origins are traceable to the Muhammadu Buhar regime’s National Social Investment Program (NSIP), which was conceived to putatively contain poverty and deprivation in Nigeria.

NSIP had within it such programs as the N-Power Program, the National Home-Grown School Feeding Program (NHGSFP), the Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) program, and the Government Enterprise and Empowerment Program (GEEP), which is made up of the MarketMoni, FarmerMoni, and TraderMoni schemes.

Former Vice President Yemi Osinbajo headed NSIP. But the Buhari cabal later realized that NSIP was a prolific cash cow that lined several pockets and missed its supposed targets. I was one of the earliest people approached to expose what the cabal was convinced was humongous corruption in the NSIP that ran into tens of billions of naira—complete with what seems like fool-proof documentary evidence.

As I said at the time, I refused to be used to amplify the internal discord of the common oppressors of the Nigerian people. When Osinbajo was using TraderMoni to induce poor people to vote for Buhari, the cabal had no problem. They only discovered his “corruption” after the fact.

So, they reached out to other fringe sources and figures to give publicity to the corruption in NSIP, which caused Osinbajo to threaten to sue a whole bunch of people. They achieved their aim of calling attention to the rot in NSIP, which justified taking it away from the vice president’s office and constituting it as a separate ministry.

Thus, the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development was born. The Bola Ahmed Tinubu administration renamed it as the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation.

Because it was conceived in corruption, born in more corruption, and nourished in even more corruption, it can’t be anything but corrupt. It has become the poster child for bizarre, eye-watering, consequence-free corruption.

Recall that on April 10, 2020, Maryam Uwais, then Special Adviser to the President on Social Investment, (allegedly) told Channels TV’s Sunrise Daily program that she couldn’t account for the billions that she and the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs putatively gave to weak, poor, and vulnerable Nigerians to ease the hurt of the coronavirus pandemic because, “Those who benefit from the conditional cash transfer of the Federal Government as palliative to cushion the effects of the lockdown caused by the deadly Coronavirus don’t want to be addressed as poor people. That is why we can’t publish their names.”

For her part, Sadiya Umar Farouq, Uwais’ superior, turned heads when she (allegedly) said she expended billions to feed schoolkids who weren’t in school because of COVI-19. Betta Edu was merely walking a well-trodden path in the ministry.

If Tinubu wants to be taken seriously, he should not only outright terminate Edu’s appointment as a minister, but he should also scrap the entire ministry she heads. That ministry has no reason to exist.

BBC, Betta Edu, and ministry of corruption – Farooq Kperogi

Farooq Kperogi is a renowned Nigerian newspaper columnist and United States – based Professor of Media Studies.

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Wasiu Ayinde, Bobrisky and the Nigerian Army (2)



Wasiu Ayinde, Bobrisky and the Nigerian Army (2)

Tunde Odesola

(Published in The PUNCH, on Friday, April 12, 2024)

In this day and age of social media, journalism, one of the few fearless professions, treats soft news with almost the same attention it treats hard news. According to the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, hard news refers to stories that are usually timely, important and consequential, such as politics, international affairs and business news. Soft news, on the other hand, includes entertainment, celebrity, and lifestyle stories.

Depending on their house styles, which are the rules guiding their news presentation, most media organisations across the country combine hard and soft news in varying proportions to reflect their mission and market.

Daily, serious dailies conduct editorial conferences to analyse and determine the news content for publication. One day, in one of such conferences in my newspaper office, talks centred around homosexuality. The newspaper’s Executive Director posed a question to editors at the conference: “Which one can you deal with: lesbians or gays?”

The majority of the editors at the conference said they could deal with lesbians much more than they could deal with gays. The editors agreed that cuddling, necking and pecking were synonymous with feminine cravings for TLC – tender, loving, care – an agelong potion which most women, especially lesbians seek with their partners. Notably, the editors didn’t see sex by lesbians as an abhorrent intrusion of the female genitals in the same way they saw the intrusion of the anal orifice in gay sex.

It’s, therefore, not a misrepresentation to say that the conference frowned on lesbians but scowled at gays.

The executive director later asked why lesbian practice got a frown and gay practice got a scowl. Offering different perspectives, editors at the editorial conference seemed not to view lesbianism with as much the same revulsion as they view gay practice. “Why?” the executive director asked. With scowls burrowing deeper on their faces, many of the editors submitted that gay practice was an intolerable violation of human anatomy. ‘Ayanma!’ ‘Tufiakwa!’ ‘God forbid!’ were some of the words that revealed the disgust the male-dominated gathering had for gays. Why do heterosexual men see lesbianism as a tolerable sin and consider gay practice as an intolerable sin?

Idris Olanrewaju Okuneye is a 33-year-old Nigeria biological male, who identifies as a woman. Okuneye, aka Bobrisky, calls herself the ‘Mummy of Lagos’, and goes about town wearing lavish (wo)manicure, peIDIcure, female clothes, shoes and accessories. Modern thesaurus minted new names for Bobrisky and her fellow risky boys. The names include cross-dresser, transvestite, ladyboy, drag queen, trannie, female impersonator etc. Bobrisky only openly identifies as a crossdresser and not as a gay or lesbian, with both practices and all shades of LGBTQIA outlawed in the country.

About three years ago, Bobrisky went under the knife and emerged with enhanced breasts but her big shoulders, square jaws and masculine neckline suggest that Idris’ anatomy remains a work in progress; a clay in the hands of her moulders. The medical risks involved in the creation of Bobrisky by surgeons imply she cannot be made in one day like God made Adam and Eve – without silicone implants, without cutting, grafting, puffing and patching.

Wahala! Wahala! Wahala! Wahala! Troublemaking is the oxygen of Nigeria’s reigning Most Controversial Musician, Habeeb Okikiola, aka Portable. A few days ago, Portable, the Ika of Africa (Africa’s Most Wicked), carried his portmanteau of wickedness to the house of Bobrisky after she was declared the Best Dressed Female at the premiere of a movie, Ajakaju, the Beast of Two Worlds. Bobrisky didn’t see what was coming when she called out Portable for criticising the female award given to her.

The self-styled Ika of Africa ran to the studio and came out with a monster hit titled Brotherhood, a song that tore Bobrisky apart. A few days after the musical dismantling of Bobrisky, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission paraded the Mummy of Lagos for serial mutilation of Nigeria’s currencies at parties. Watching the sober Bobrisky at the EFCC Office, without makeup, was like watching the shed skin of a snake. Seeing Bobrisky’s EFCC mugshot displaying her four-inch fingernails must have been a sad display for Nigerians with queer sexuality. But it also offered a peep into how the Nigerian society views the encouragement by the United States of America for Nigeria to hop on the LGBTQIA train.

Decency forbids me from mentioning the unprintable names Portable employed in describing Bobrisky’s buttocks, but I advise Bobrisky to quickly ramp up her rump and put Portable to shame for comparing her expensive backside with akpu. In the musical eyes of Portable, the backside of Bobrisky doesn’t correspond with her voluminous upper body. To avoid being body-shamed by cynics like Portable, Bobrisky should, please, embark on a yansh shoot to wow Portable and her long list of clientele.

But I utterly disagree with the position of the Nigeria Police Force for saying its hands are tied on the sexuality of Bobrisky. In the wake of the reactions generated by the Ajakaju premiere and the Brotherhood song, the NPF said there was no Nigerian law forbidding cross-dressing. This position of the police is shallow and capable of causing the breakdown of law and order. The position protects only Bobrisky and his ilk, exposing the larger Nigerian populace to danger. The Force Public Relations Officer, Muyiwa Adejobi, a gentleman and friend, revealed the position of the police on Bobrisky in an interview.

With about 2,400 fitness gyms, US-headquartered fitness group, Planet Fitness Inc., is one of the largest fitness club franchises in the world. On March 21, 2024, the stocks of Planet Fitness lost $400m in valuation after the company revoked an American woman’s membership for snapping photos of a transgender woman, who was biologically male, shaving in a women’s locker room of Planet Fitness in Alaska.

Reports by Daily Mail, Fox Business, New York Post, and Newsweek, among other news outlets, said Patricia Silva, a white Alaskan woman was shocked to see a transgender woman shaving in the locker room while a preteen girl, who had come to use the locker room, watched in horror.

In a statement to Fox News Digital, Planet Fitness Chief Corporate Affairs Officer, McCall Gosselin, said Silva violated the company’s policy on gender identity. Gosselin said, “As the home of the Judgement Free Zone, Planet Fitness is committed to creating an inclusive environment. Our gender identity non-discrimination policy states that members and guests may use the gym facilities that best align with their sincere, self-reported gender identity. The member (Silva) who posted on social media violated our mobile device policy that prohibits taking photos of individuals in the locker room, which resulted in their membership being terminated.”

But Silva said, “There was “a little girl sitting in the corner. She could have been [12 years old] … in a towel kind of freaked out. ​​I was offended, I took a picture of him.”

If the Nigeria Police Force subjected the Bobrisky issue to deep thought, it should have invited her with a view to determining her real sexuality so that the vagueness conferred on her sexuality by cross-dressing would be cleared. How would male and female police officers feel if Bobrisky appeared in their toilets? How would parents feel to have a Bobrisky in the same bathroom with their children? If there’s no law that prohibits Bobrisky from being a crossdresser, the police should, at least, ensure the safety of Nigerians using public toilets by protecting them from men who pose as crossdressers but have ulterior motives to hurt children and women, especially. This is why the need to determine Bobrisky’s real sexuality is a cause for public concern.

To be continued.

Email: tundeodes2003@yahoo.com
Facebook: @Tunde Odesola
X: @Tunde_Odesola

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Do Palestinian lives matter? – Femi Fani-Kayode



Femi Fani-Kayode

Do Palestinian lives matter? – Femi Fani-Kayode

35,000 innocent & defenceless Palestinians, including 15000 children, have been targetted & killed in #Gaza by Israel over the last 6 months yet it was only after 7 western aid workers of the #WorldCentralKitchen were tragically & callously targetted & murdered in cold blood by the @IDF last week that western Governments & the Western media are beginning to recognise the fact that the Jewish state has turned into a monstrous & uncontrollable beast.

This begs the following questions.

Does blood not flow through the veins of Arabs & Muslims in the same way that it flows through the veins of westerners & Christians?

Is the blood of westerners redder than the blood of #Arabs?

Do Palestinian lives not matter?

Are American, British, Australian & French lives more precious than the lives of Palestinian men, women & children?

How can one explain or wish away this glaring display of emotional selectivity, hypocrisy & double standards?

Is it not racism in its most glaring & ugly form?

Is this not a case of psychological apartheid in motion & have the leaders of the West not developed a classic sociopathic & psychopathic disposition when it comes to the suffering of the Palestinians.

Even after 75 years of barbarous servitude & occupation followed by the mass murder & genocide that we are witnessing in Gaza today few notable western leaders give a damn & most of them have not only turned a blind eye to it but are also willing partners & complicit in the most graphic & barbaric expression of man’s inhumanity to man & sheer wickedness since the Nazi holocaust of World War 11.


Given this all-embracing endorsement & unconditional support that they enjoy is it any wonder that the #Zionists believe that they have the divine right to give life & take it at will & at their pleasure?

Is it any wonder that the Jewish state believes that it can get away with mass murder & ethnic cleansing?

Is it any wonder that the Zionists believe that they are divine beings with a divine purpose, the master race, God’s chosen people?

Is it any wonder that they believe that they are totally & completely above the law & untouchable given the unconditional support & tacit approval that they enjoy from #NATO & the powers that be in the west?

Over the last six months western leaders have applauded Israel for slaughtering the Palestinians & destroying all their infrastructures yet they only started questioning their devilish collusion with what can only be decribed as unadulterated evil when seven of their own citizens who were doing charity work & helping to feed the starved & beleaguered children of Gaza were also butchered in a hail of precision rockets that brutally cut them down one after the other.

These same people did not shed a tear or say a word when Israeli jets mowed down hundreds of Palestinian civilians as they tried to grab food from aid trucks that came in from Egypt.

To them that did not matter & neither did they view it as an atrocity or describe it as a war crime or a crime against humanity because those that were murdered were “mainly Muslims & only Arabs”.

Is this fair? Can it be justified or defended?

Is it not a perfidious display of double speak, double standards & devilry?

Is it not a gratuitous insult to our collective humanity & a monumental shame?

Are Arabs, Africans, Asians & the people of the “global South” not human beings too?

Again for the last few months western leaders stuck to their oars & stubbornly refused to acknowledge the fact that Israeli Prime Minister @netanyahu is a wild & rabid dog that cannot be controlled & that no longer listens to its master.

They refused to accept the fact that he had become the proverbial falcon that was no longer prepared to listen to the falconer.

They refused to recognise the fact that the genocide in Gaza was not about religion but rather about the implementation of an insidious, sinister, religious & racist agenda & an unconciable attempt by a horrendous & deluded horde of callous, bitter & vengeful Zionist barbarians to decimate, displace & exterminate the #Palestinian people & steal their land.

So drunk are @netanyahu & those around him on the blood of Palestinian children that not even American President @JoeBiden, their biggest & greatest friend & ally, can control them.

Will the Zionists ever accept the fact that killing women, children, refugees, journalists, clerics, doctors, nurses, hospital workers, United Nations staff, the elderly, the disabled, the mentally challenged, the weak & other innocent & defenceless civilians in the name of world Jewry & the Israeli state is not only unacceptable but also an abomination & an affront to our collective humanity.

They say when a dog loses its mind & not only refuses to listen to its master but also turns on him & attempts to bite him one is constrained to put a bullet in its head & put it out of its misery.


Perhaps the same solution should be applied to the Zionist state.

And if calling out Israel for the atrocities they are committing in Gaza & insisting on an immediate & unconditional ceasefire makes me anti-semitic then so be it.

As a matter of fact it is a badge & label that I would wear proudly.

I do not believe that it is acceptable for the Jewish state to consistently break international humanitarian law & commit war crimes. If that makes me anti semitic then so be it.

I do not believe that aid workers & journalists should be targetted & killed. If that makes me anti-Semitic then so be it.

I do not believe that it is right for Bibi Netanyahu to smirk & grin on national television as he tells the world how the 7 western aid workers were targetted & murdered in Gaza by his army. If that makes me anti semitic then so be it.

I do not believe that it is right & proper for the #Iranian Embassy in #Damascus should be targetted & bombed by the Israeli Defence Force or that senior Iranian military commanders that were staying there should be murdered in cold blood. If that makes me anti-Semitic then so be it.

I do not think it is acceptable for Israel to bomb the city of #Allepo in Syria & kill 42 people including defenceless civilians. If that makes me anti semitic then so be it.

I do not believe that the Jews have a licence from God to kill innocent & defenceless civilians. If that makes me anti-semitic then so be it.

I do not believe that it is right for the western nations to continue to supply arms to #Israel & to be complicit in & enabler of genocide. If that makes me anti semitic then so be it.

I do not believe that the Jews are the master race that have been specially chosen above others by God. If that makes me anti-semitic then so be it.

I do not believe that Christians & Muslims will burn in hell or that the Prophet of Islam & our Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ were fake. If that makes me anti-semitic then so be it.

I do not believe that saying “Christ is King” is a crime. If that makes me anti semitic then so be it.

I do not believe that our Lord & Saviour #Jesus Christ was a liar & charlatan who is now boiling in human excrement in hell. If that makes me anti semitic then so be it.

I do not believe that demolishing the #AlAqsaMosque, sacrificing three red heifers where it presently stands & building the third Jewish Temple on exactly the same spot is just, right & proper. If that makes me anti-semitic then so be it.

I do not believe that Israel should exert so much influence over the affairs of America, the western democracies, International politics, world banking & finance & the Western media. If that makes me anti-semitic then so be it.

I do not believe that an attack on Israel, no matter how horrific, gives the Jewish state the right to wipe out, exterminate or drive into the desert or the sea the entire Palestinian race or kill every man, woman & child in Gaza. If that makes me anti semitic then so be it.


I do not believe that Zionism is of God & I consider the Zionists to be far worse & more insidious, cruel & unrelenting than Hitler’s Nazis. If that makes me anti-semitic then so be it.

I do not believe that @RealCandaceO should have been fired from the @realDailyWire for criticising Israel & I do not believe that @benshapiro Shapiro & @RabbiShmuley are human beings. If that makes me anti semitic then so be it.

I do not believe that Netanyahu is sane & I do not believe that he is acting in the best interest of the Jews or Israel. If that makes me anti semitic then so be it.

I do not believe that South Africa & Ireland have done anything wrong by taking Israel to the Intermational Court of Justice for crimes against humanity, war crimes, ethnic cleansing & genocide. If that makes me anti semitic then so be it.

I do not believe that it is right for Israel to prevent food supplies from going into Gaza & for starving the people to death. If that makes me anti semitic then so be it.

I do not believe that ALL MUSLIM countries should unite against Israel but rather I believe that ALL countries, whether Muslim, Christian, Hindu or anything else should unite against Israel. If that makes me anti semitic then so be it.

I do not believe in ethnic cleansing & the elimination & extermination of an entire race of people as a formula for the resolution of international disputes & I wholeheartedly condemn the holocaust that is being inflicted on the people of Gaza. If that makes me anti semitic so be it.

75 years ago God in His infinite mercy & wisdom gave the Jews a new beginning, a new country & restored them to their former glory.

This was a blessing but they squandered it by orchestrating the #Nakba, by refusing to share the land & live in peace with the Palestinians that they met there & by refusing to desist from treating them like animals, occupying their land & slaughtering them with impunity.

Sadly with their own hands they destroyed the great opportunity that God gave them & instead chose to visit the same unadulterated evil that the German #Nazis once visited on them on the Palestinians.

If the truth be told, contrary to popular opinion, Israel is not a democracy but rather a vicious, heartless, bloodthirsty, parasitic, vampiric & blood-lusting apartheid state that applies one set of laws to the European Jewish colonial settlers that own & run it & another to everyone else.

To be an Arab, a Muslim or a Christian in Israel is hell & to be any of the above living in either Gaza, the West Bank, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq or anywhere else in the Middle East means that you could well be subjected to genocide, ethnic cleansing or mass murder by the Jewish state whenever they deem it fit.

It is for this reason that the entire civilised world is enraged with Israel & that every right-thinking person expresses the following words from the inner recesses of their souls & with every fiber of their being.


And despite the double standards of the leaders of the western democracies, so it shall be to the glory of the Living God!


Do Palestinian lives matter? – Femi Fani-Kayode

Femi Fani-Kayode is a public affairs commentator and Nigeria’s former Minister of Aviation.

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