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Herders ‘Dehumanised’ By Soldiers In Kaduna Not Bandits – Police, Community Leaders + VIDEO



  • 3 killed; govt urged to tackle vigilantes’excesses 

  • Sanction hospitals for rejecting patients – Experts

  • ‘Victims should seek legal redress’

Community leaders and security agents in Kaduna State have dismissed a viral video which trended on Sunday insinuating that soldiers have killed and arrested some bandits in the Kakura area of Chikun Local Government Area of Kaduna State.

Daily Trust gathered that those being pushed into a military van were not bandits, but Fulani residents of a nearby community who became victims of mistaken identities when some vigilante groups attacked them while trailing bandits.

It was also gathered that after security agents rescued them, two hospitals in Kaduna rejected them even though many of them were critically injured.

Soldiers were said to have rushed them to the 44 Nigerian Army Reference Hospital where three were confirmed dead and 14 being treated. 

Rising from a peace meeting among Fulani, Hausa and Gbagi natives in Kaduna yesterday, the state Commissioner of Police, Yekini Ayoku, explained that what happened in Kakura community was a case of mistaken identity following the killing of one Ishaya Karfe, the brother of the village head of Kakura.

He said bandits had tried to abduct Karfe who resisted and was shot dead.


The CP said the bandits had equally rustled some cows in a nearby Fulani settlement, adding that while members of the vigilante group from Kakura were trailing the bandits, they came in contact with the Fulani people who were trailing their rustled cows.

He said the vigilantes, being afraid that the Fulani were bandits, attacked them and it took the intervention of security agents to rescue them.

He confirmed that three Fulani residents were killed and 14 others hospitalised.

Also speaking, the District Head of Kujama under which Kakura falls, Steven Yarima Ibrahim, confirmed that those who appeared to be bundled into a military van were not bandits but members of a nearby Fulani community who were equally victims of a banditry attack.

The district head said there was a need to admonish members of the vigilante to desist from taking laws into their hands and to, instead, invite security agents when they suspect any anomaly. 

The viral video

A two minutes 50 seconds video showing soldiers in military camouflage evacuating certain people into a waiting military van had emerged on Sunday. Those who posted the video had captioned it as arrested bandits who attacked Kakura community in Kaduna’s Chikun LGA.

Military men were seen beating the alleged suspects and piling them one after the other into a waiting van while they rendered insults on them. The video had captured many bystanders watching the alleged suspects who appeared to be injured as they were bundled into vehicles.

Daily Trust reports that viral video had been shared on various social media platforms and generated reactions as many commended the arrest of the suspects by security agents in Kakura community which is located near Millennium city in Kaduna.

Security, community leader douse tension

Daily Trust gathered soldiers under the leadership of the Commanding Officer, 312 Artillery Regiment, Lt Col D. O Igwilo had visited the Fulani settlement and the home of Isiaka Karfe, who was killed in Kakura, to condole them over the tragedy.  

Our correspondent also gathered that soldiers who had arrived Kakura community following a distress call had been informed by the vigilante that they had arrested bandits.

Daily Trust gathered from security sources that it was after the preliminary investigations that it was revealed that the suspects were actually residents of a Fulani settlement that have lived there for over 40 years.


“The Fulani are actually not bandits, they are victims who were attacked by the vigilante on the case of mistaken identity because the people were angry that bandits had killed one of their people,” a security source said.  

However, in other to douse tension, Kaduna State Government convened an emergency meeting with security and community leaders yesterday to ensure that the incident would not lead to a reprisal.

Those at the meeting include the Commissioner for Internal Security and Home Affairs, Samuel Aruwan; the state Commissioner of Police, Yekini Ayoku; Commanding Officer 312 Artillery Regiment, Lt.Col. D.O Igwilo; Chairman of Chikun Local Government, Salasi Musa; member of the state house of assembly representing Chikun, Ayuba Chawaza; District Head of Kujama, Stephen Yerima Ibrahim as well as village heads and Fulani Ardos (leaders).

Aruwan urged community leaders to step up peaceful engagements with their people so that the matter would not escalate. He assured that those in the hospital were in good care.   

The Ardo of Gunduma, Ibrahim Saleh, whose people were attacked, said they had spoken to their people to calm them down that what happened was a case of mistaken identity and urged residents not to take laws into their own hands.

Govt must take action on vigilantes – Expert

Government has been urged to take action on the excesses of local vigilante to curb ethnic profiling that could lead to the killing of innocent people.

A security analyst, Awwal Abdullahi Aliyu, said the excesses of the local vigilante if left unchecked could become a major hinderance in the fight against insecurity.

“This thing has been going on for a long time most especially with the local vigilante who have no knowledge of security and administration. Thank God this time around the security agencies were involved, if not, the people would have been killed. This has been part of the challenge in the fight against crime.”

Aliyu said many communities have expressed grievances with the activities of the local vigilante and to an extent, the police adding that ethnic profiling of Fulani is a dangerous …that could escalate the country’s security situation.

“Unless the security agencies take active measures in ensuring that people arrested are being properly investigated and come to a logical conclusion that these people are criminals, no jungle justice should be taken on people.

“How many jungle justices have been committed on such people? Where their communities have not committed any crime but their properties are destroyed and they are even killed, gradually, such people start to think of how they can take vengeance and this is exactly what is happening in this country,” he said.

He called on the Kaduna State Government to sanction the hospitals that failed to save the lives of the Fulani people adding that hospitals and health workers have no right to reject any patient.

“Their responsibility is to save lives since these people have not been declared by a competent court of law as bandits and so therefore the doctors at the hospitals have no right to reject them. The doctors swore an oath to save lives and if they fail to do that, it means the hospitals needs to be sanctioned,” he said.   

‘Dehumanised settlers can seek legal redress’

A security and intelligence expert, Kabiru Adamu, explained that what happened to those who were dehumanized by the military officers could worsen the security situation of the country.


He noted that the military officers, according to their rule of engagements, are not permitted to torture or dehumanise any suspect the way it appeared in the trending video.

According to him, the troops are only permitted to defend themselves by using their weapons or engaging the adversaries in gun duels during any attempted attack on them.

“I was one of those who condemned the video when I saw it. It is not right as far as professionalism and rule of engagement is concerned,” he said.

He, however, said that the dehumanized person should get a legal representative on their behalf to prosecute their case.

A security analyst and lawyer, Audu Bulama Bukarti, said the video was a terrible watch and a clear violation of the victims’ constitutional rights.

“The constitution and our laws are very clear that every single person arrested and of an offense however the weight of evidence against them must be treated with dignity and respect and must not be tortured.

“What we saw in this video is a clear case of violation of the dignity of human person, torture and disrespect to human beings just because they have been suspected of committing a crime or of being terrorists or bandits. And whatever the level or worth of the allegation against individuals that are arrested by security and law enforcement agencies, their constitutionally guaranteed rights cannot be violated in the way we saw in this video.

“This is most unfortunate, it is most unfortunate because the only difference I emphasize between terrorists and state forces is that state forces obey laws and have laws of engagement while territories violate laws/rules and do not have laws of engagement.

“There are many consequences for these kinds of abuses and for failure to obey rules of engagement. Number one is the fact that this would continue to soil the Nigerian army’s image in the eyes of the international community.

“It has been documented over the years how the Nigerian military violated civilians in the Boko Haram crisis and other crises across the country. This video is only going to add another instance of that kind of abuse.”

“The second key consequence is that these kinds of abuses only end up pushing the victims to the hands or to the clutches of the terrorists. A United Nations report published in September of 2017 found that 71% of young people who joined Boko Haram after the war started actually joined because of these kinds of security abuses by the Nigerian military.

“If we continued to see these kinds of abuses in the North West many more young people who are profiled, who are arrested, who are abuse in this way would join the bandits and end up fighting the Nigerian military and killing civilians because of these kinds of abuses because they want to take revenge because of these kind of abuses.

“I, therefore, call on the Nigerian military to respect the law which they seek to enforce to apply their rules of engagement and to respect the dignity of human person guaranteed by our constitution and international human rights instruments. Only these we can they show a difference between them and the terrorists and win the war against the terrorists.”



Crisis rocks Osun as PDP Chieftain accuses Adeleke of demolishing his hotel for exposing his certificate scandal



There is rumpus in Osun State over the demolition of a recreation facility, Quality Hotels And Resorts in the state capital midnight Sunday as the owner, a chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party, Akinloye Adeyi, accused Governor Ademola Adeleke of vendetta.

Adeyi said Adeleke ordered his goons to bulldoze his facility as a retaliation for exposing the alleged irregularities in the Governor’s academic credentials in the build up to the election.

Adeyi, a retired official of the Directorate of State Intelligence, said his life is in danger.

However, contrary to his claims, NPO Reports was told Sunday evening that the government would no respond to Adeyi to avert being drawn into to the controversy.

Olawale Rasheed, Spokesman to the Governor, told the NPO Reports late Sunday that the PDP chieftain has issues with the real owner of the land on which Adeyi’s Quality Hotels and Resorts was built.

“We have been advised not to even speak on this matter again because it will look like the government has any issue with him. It is a matter between him and the man said to be the owner of the land and that is Alhaji Gani Olaoluwa,” Rasheed told the NPO Reports

Olaoluwa himself is former Chairman of the PDP in the state and once a senatorial candidate of the party for Osun Central.


While speaking with the NPO Reports, Adeyi made available a copy of the Save-my-soul petition he had written to the Assistant Inspector General of Police, Zone XI over alleged threat to life by loyalists of Governor Ademola Adeleke.

The PDP chieftain, in the petition which was copied to the DSS, said that the current challenges he’s facing was as a result of the petition he wrote during the build up to the party’s governorship primary in Osun State.

He said in the petition he was able to point out some discrepancies in the documents of the then aspirant now Governor Ademola Adeleke of Osun State over his name and others

He added that, the screening panel headed by Prof Jerry Gana agreed with his submission on the said document of governor Ademola Adeleke

He wrote, “I am compelled to write for the second time in this year to seek for the protection of the Osun State police command and the DSS over several sponsored assaults and threat to my life by some privileged people in the state.

“It is a fact that I exercised my right as a member of the People’s Democratic Party early 2021 when I approached the PDP Governorship Aspirants Screening Appeal Committee with a petition against the academic qualifications and records of Senator Ademola Adeleke.

“The panel agreed that the credentials contained lots of damaging errors and fraudulent claims.The panel thanked and appreciated me and thereafter directed that the Osun PDP and the aspirant’s handlers work on the documents before its final submission to INEC.

“Arising from this, my life has been frequently threatened such that I had to formally complain to the police authority and the DSS also the Osun and Nigeria public.


“Since then, the threats and attacks have continue unabated. But, I decided to keep my cool, till this moment, the credentials of the Governor still remain a subject of litigation but I have since said what needed to be said and moved on. At this juncture, however, it is apparent that silence is no longer golden.

Adeyi added: “My business place was demolished with bulldozer on Saturday. Before it’s illegal and criminal demolition by Governor Ademola Adeleke’s agents, my business resort spread over four plots of land and its worth was in the several million of Naira.

“To the best of my knowledge, freedom of expression is a constitutional right, and expressing my view about the controversial academic record of Senator Ademola which remains clouded till now is never a crime to warrant the state-backed demolition of my business place overnight.

“The place was demolished and leveled without prior notice were the facilities therein where carted away while some others were left in the open. I have in the last 16 hours examined the situation and can confirm that those who are behind the dastardly act are not done. I believe that the development is just preamble to what is yet to come.

“My life is their target and I hereby appeal that the police and DSS look into the matter and save my life and those of my family members.”

Speaking with the NPO Reports, Adeyi said some of his friends had actually informed him ahead but he never took it serious.

“Some people actually informed me about what they (Adelekes) are planning to do but I couldn’t believe it not until when this happened,” he said

Asked whether he would take the matter up legally, Adeyi said that decision is left to those around him.

“I’m not the only one in this and some people already coming in to see what they can do. Whatever we agree on would determine whether I will take it up legally or not.”

Gani Ola-Oluwa Replies Adeyi



Re: Threat To My Life- Save my soul*

We act as Solicitors to Alhaji Gani Olaoluwa Asejere.


  1. That sometimes in October 2021, our client got to know about the fraudulent attempt of MR. AKINLOYE ADEYI to sell off his piece or parcel of land at Olorunda Local Government Scheme Land, Along Deeper Life Area, Ring Road Area, Osogbo.
  2. That on the 7th day of October, 2021, our client forwarded a Petition against Mr. Akinloye Adeyi dated the 7th day of October, 2021wherein our client alleged Threat to his life, Conduct likely and Forgery. See Exhibit 1.
  3. That the gallant Police officer of the State CID, invited Mr. Akin Adeyi for questioning.
  4. That on the appointed day at the State CID, Osogbo, he, Adeyi appeared with his counsel, Mr. Oluseyi Gbile and upon the request of the Police for the land documents from the Petitioner, our client provided his own original payment receipt, allocation papers etc.
  5. That Mr. Akinloye Adeyi  failed to make available any land documents even if it is a PHCN bill.
  6. That in order to save his client’s face, Adeyi’s counsel (Oluseyi Gbile) made it clear to the Police that he has the documents in his custody and promised to make them available as soon as possible.
  7. That Adeyi was released on bail after he had made statement to the Police with his counsel standing in as his surety.

8.It is note worthy to state that series of investigation followed with our client going to the Police Station in company of Olorunda Local Government Land officers but the ‘almighty’ Mr. Akin Adeyi had disappeared into the tin air.

  1. That the Police put several calls across to him to bring the land documents as he has promised because they were only investigating the allegation of Forgery against him but Mr. Akin and his counsel were no where to be found only for him to re-appear in early January, 2022, with an Application for the Enforcement of his Fundamental Right in Re: Suit No. HOS/M.4/2022., wherein he sued the Commissioner of Police and our client as Respondents. See Exhibit 2.
  2. That miraculously, our client stumbled upon a case instituted by Adeyi as far back as the 27th day of November, 2020 where himself (Akin Adeyi) and the same counsel sued ‘UKNOWN PERSONS’ in Re Suit No: HOS/M.127/2020…ÀKINLOYE ADEYI VS. UNKNOWN PERSONS.
  3. That our client mobilized his legal team to stop the ‘Hearing’ of the case on the 3rd day of February, 2022.
  4. That our client applied for the Certified True Copy of Mr. Adeyi’s case only to discover that he was trying to fraudulently obtain the judgment of the High Court of Justice, Osogbo to perfect his evil plan to disposes our client of his land. See Exhibit 3.
  5. That Exhibit 3 contains forged land sale Agreement between Mr. Adeyi and our client.
  6. That Adeyi sworn on oath before the court that he own the land  by a way of purchase from our client wherein he also attached fake Land Sale Agreement which was not signed by our client.
  7. That  the same counsel that purportedly prepared the Land Sale Agreement  between Mr. Adeyi and our client did not sign same. It is also funny to note that the same counsel even instituted HOS/M.127/2020 for Mr. Adeyi and attached the unsigned Land Sale Agreements thereto.
  8. That our client immediately filed his Counter Affidavit against Adeyi’s Application for the Enforcement of his Fundamental Right on the 10th day of October, 2022 and attached the CTC of Hos/M.127/2020 as Exhibit and further informed the court that Adeyi’s Application was a fraud of the century…
  9. On the 11the day of October, when Adeyi’s Application came up for hearing, his counsel quickly withdrew Adeyi’s Fraudulent Application and same was accordingly ”DISMISSED”.
  10. That our client quickly reacted to Hos/M.127/2020 by filling a Joinder and same was granted on the 26th day of May, 2022 by the honorable court
  11. That our client filed his Counter Affidavit against Adeyi’s case in Hos/M.127/2020 on the 6th day of June, 2022. See Exhibit 4.
  12. That upon the receipt of our client’s Counter Affidavit, Mr. Adeyi (as the Applicant) and his counsel abandoned their case in court and resulted to sending in different frivolous excuses.
  13. That on the 1st day of December, 2022, the court delivered his judgment upon the Application of the Respondents counsel. See Exhibits 5.

The above is just the tip of the ice berg as to the series of attacks Mr. Adeyi and his hoodlums have carried out on our client allies and even on one of client’s counsel, Mr. Lekan Alabi, who has Petitioned Adeyi to the appropriate authorities. See Exhibit 6.

The bitter truth about the whole issue is that Mr. Akinloye Adeyi has been caught in his own webs and he should just submit himself to the course of Justice for necessary action.

In conclusion, Mr. Akin Adeyi has not presented any title document on the land that our client only used to safe his family’s face when he, Adeyi and his wife were abruptly ejected by their landlord some years back.


Lekan Alabi Esq.

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Serving Senator escapes assassination in Abuja residence + Video



Senator Sani Musa
The representative of Niger East, Senatorial District, Sani Musa, has escaped an assassination attempt on him by armed men.
The attempt on the life of the All Progressives Congress Senator was made on Saturday, it was learnt.
This was said to have occurred Musa’s residence in Abuja.

A chieftain of the APC, Femi Fani-Kayode, confirmed the development on his Twitter handle on Sunday.

Fani-Kayode, one of the spokesmen of the APC Presidential Campaign Council, said some of the attackers have been arrested.
He tweeted: “The horrendous attempt to kill Sen. Sani Musa, a dear friend & brother of mine, a leading member of the APC and one of the Directors in the Tinubu/Shettima PCC in his home this evening by 9 well-armed, blood-thirsty and violent assassins is despicable.
“I wholeheartedly condemn it.”
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Vandals Destroy 6 Transmission Towers, Kill Vigilante in Rivers



The unrelenting attacks on power infrastructure by economic saboteurs leading to inability of Nigerians to access adequate electricity for economic growth and prosperity has continued unabated. In recent times, several projects being embarked upon by Niger Delta Power Holding Company (NDPHC) Limited have been attacked and contractors either killed or maimed by attackers.

On September 3, 2022, some miscreants attacked and vandalized the 330kV DC Afam – Onne Transmission Line in Gbake community of Ogoniland, River State. The vandals cut down four Transmission Towers (T19, T20, T21 and T22), dismantled and carted them away.
Again, on October 10, 2022, the vandals attacked and vandalized two additional towers on the same 330kV DC Afam – Onne Transmission Line. During a third attempt luck, however, ran out on them as efforts of vigilante members, buoyed by security operatives paid off, resulting in the arrest of nine of the miscreants. They have since been charged to court to face the full wrath of the law.

During routine patrol in the night of November 25, 2022, vigilantes again encountered vandals along the same Afam-Onne 330kV DC Transmission Line. The vigilantes called for military reinforcement but before help came, one of the guards was shot and later died.
Incidentally, this line connecting Afam to Onne in Port Harcourt is the first 330kV Double Circuit Transmission supply line to the capital of Rivers State.


The persistent attacks on the line have caused substantial damage to the transmission line project and it will take huge sums of money to effect needed reconstruction and repairs in addition to resultant delays on delivery time.

Executive Director, Corporate Services at NDPHC, Nkechi Mba has however, commiserated with the deceased immediate and extended families, promising that the company will support them in this their moment of grief.
“The company is grateful for his gallantry in the line of duty and we hereby pledge support for his family in this moment of great sorrow”, she stated while declaring “We will be relentless in hunting these vandals down, particularly those who assassinated the young man.”

According to her, “the necessity of reinforcing the message of communal ownership of critical infrastructure cannot be over emphasized. The infrastructure that governments develop is done with taxpayers’ money and is therefore owned by the people.”
She appealed to members of the public to regard “public infrastructure as our commonwealth and strive to jointly always protect it.”

Mba expressed gratitude to law enforcement agents for their continuous support in trying to engage and deter economic criminals who vandalise NDPHC assets, saying the company “will ensure that anyone caught vandalizing our assets will be made to face severe legal sanctions.”

Adesanya Adejokun
Media Adviser


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