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Hotel lodger stabs food seller’s stomach, nose over N400



A man, Opeyemi Rufai, has allegedly stabbed a food seller, Olayinka Ogunleye, during an argument bordering on N400 at the Baonik Hotel, Magboro, in the Obafemi Owode Local Government Area of Ogun State.

PUNCH Metro gathered that Rufai, while lodging at the hotel, told Olayinka to prepare noodles for him.

But after placing the order around 3pm, he left the hotel to attend to some other issues.

It was learnt that after the woman finished preparing the noodles, Rufai was nowhere to be found.

Forty-two-year-old Olayinka told our correspondent that when he eventually returned around 7pm, he rejected the noodles, claiming the meal was cold.

“He told me to throw it away. He insisted that he would not pay for the noodles. He gave me N1,000, told me to remove N600 to clear his outstanding debt and demanded N400 change.

“I asked who would pay for the noodles he rejected, but he just demanded his change. I refused to give him and he left.


“Around 10pm the following day, I was in the hotel kitchen when he suddenly entered and requested his change. I told him that I did not have change, but he poured the soup I was cooking in my eyes and used a knife to stab me in the mouth, thigh, stomach and back.

“My intestine was visible to the point that I had to use my hand to cover it. His plan was to kill me inside the kitchen. All the hospitals I was rushed to rejected me except the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, Ikeja, where I was stabilised,” she added.

Olayinka said she was later taken to the Lagos University Teaching Hospital, Idi Araba, where she was admitted, adding that she spent over two months in the hospital.

She said, “The incident happened on July 29, 2021. After I was stabilised at LASUTH, I was rushed to LUTH around 3am. When we got there, the officials demanded N300,000. Everyone, including the owner of the hotel, abandoned me except a customer, Ola, who pleaded with the doctors to commence treatment.

“I spent close to three months in the hospital. The owner of the hotel never paid any money for my treatment. The contributions from my family members, some good Samaritans, and my savings were used to treat me. I was also told the family members of the person that attacked me donated N120,000. But the whole money for the treatment was over N800,000.”

Olayinka’s brother, Kunle, while demanding Rufai’s arrest and prosecution, called for a proper police investigation into the case to get justice for his sister.

“The case was reported at the Ibafo Police Station and the boy (Rufai) was arrested. The mother of the boy was pleading for mercy, but I declined. They asked what they could do to resolve the issue and I said they should pay the balance to clear her medical bills.


“Surprisingly, I heard that the boy was released. And at the hospital, my sister was discharged, but was not allowed to go home because of outstanding bills.

“We were the ones that raised the money to clear the bills before she was allowed to go home. I later reported the case at the Zone 2 Police Command for investigation, but the policemen I met demanded N200,000 to commence investigation.”

The owner of the hotel, Adenusi Abiodun, said Rufai did not lodge in the hotel during the attack, adding that he (Abiodun) also contributed for Olayinka’s treatment.

The state Police Public Relations Officer, Abimbola Oyeyemi, confirmed the incident.

He said, “After the case was reported, the family of that woman came to the station and said the only thing they wanted was for him to foot the hospital bill of the woman.

“The suspect paid over N300,000 for the bill of the woman and she was discharged. It was the owner of the hotel who came to the station to take the suspect’s bail.

“Once they knew they wanted the suspect to be prosecuted, they shouldn’t have demanded the payment of the hospital bill from the same suspect. Prosecuting the suspect after he paid the hospital bill amounts to double jeopardy. Should we punish him twice for the same offence?”



Solution Team Task Force Brutalises Mother in Son’s Presence, Steals N300,000 + photos



The task force members bruised both hands

Francisca Adaobi (not real name) and her son were heading to All Saints Cathedral, Awka Road, Anambra State, on the morning of September 24 when a task force team stopped them and assaulted her until she bled.

Her son, who wishes not to be named for safety reasons, told FIJ that he was at the scene and confirmed a member of the Solution Team Task Force brutalised his mother.

According to him, the task force team also stole N300,000 and asked for a bribe before absconding.

“We left home around 9:50 am on Saturday, September 24th, headed to the church, All Saints Cathedral, on Awka Road. So, from the expressway, there was traffic congestion and people were going on their way. We also passed about two police checkpoints before we diverted into the street,” Adaobi’s son narrated.

“On our way, we reached a restaurant called 5 Star, members of the taskforce accosted us inside a white minibus. There were about six or seven of them. They had thrown some tyres on the road to prevent us from moving forward. But other people were driving past us and they (the task force) allowed them.”

The task force officials tore the victim’s dress as they assaulted her

The task force team told Adaobi and her son that they were violating the environmental sanitation curfew.


On designated Saturdays, the state government restricts Anambra residents from moving on the roads till 10 am. This curfew ensures people stay at home and observe a mandatory environmental sanitation exercise.

The task force team claimed that Adaobi and her son broke the curfew, but, according to her son, the same team allowed other motorists to move around them.

“Vehicles were passing, so I don’t know how it was only us that were violating the sanitation law. When this commotion was happening, about three or four of them jumped into our vehicle. I had about N300,000 cash with me inside the car. That money was stolen in the process,” said Adaobi’s son.

Damage done to the victims’ vehicle

“Someone also took my phone, which I later saw with one of them. I had to fight that person to recover my phone immediately. But we did not realise the money was missing until we started searching for it. We searched and found out that our money was missing. N300,000!”

“According to them, they were sent on the job by the governor. When all this was going on, they started asking us for money. They wanted N20,000 as a bribe so that they would let us go. We refused to give them the money and they started struggling with us. They asked us to follow them, but they did not tell us where we were going to.”


Adaobi and her son refused to follow the task force officials. According to the son, it all seemed they were up to something and he was not ready to go to an unspecified location.

The struggle to take over the vehicle from its owners led to damages on the car and grievous bodily harm on Adaobi. FIJ obtained pictures and footage which showed Adaobi’s bloodied hands.

“They tried to get the keys of the vehicle and ensure that they did some damage to the vehicle. Immediately they assaulted her, they disappeared,” Adaobi’s son told FIJ. He also told FIJ that the team, armed with sticks, was led by one Chukwudi, also known as Omaliko.

Adaobi’s children went to Central Police Station, Onitsha, to report the assault. They wrote and submitted a statement, but a policewoman asked them to pay N20,000 before the police would take up the case.

FIJ contacted Remi Adeoye, Onitsha Divisional Crime Officer, and he said that he would contact the Divisional Police Officer (DPO). Adeoye claimed that the DPO would never ask for money before working on a case.

“I will get across to the DPO. The DPO will never ask them for money. Let them go to the DPO and complain that they were asked to bring money,” Adeoye told FIJ.

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Lady’s Decomposing Body Dug Up in Kwara Doctor’s Office



Adio Adebowale

Police in Kwara State have dug up the decomposing body of a yet-to-be-identified female buried in a shallow grave in the office of Adio Adebowale, Chief Medical Director of Kaiama General Hospital, Kwara State.

Okasannmi Ajayi, spokesman of the Kwara State Police Command, confirmed to FIJ that the police acted on a lead and gained entry to his office where they found the body in a shallow grave under concrete.

Shallow grave inside Adebowale’s office

He said the body belonged to a female, but her identity was yet to be ascertained.


He also said the command would be looking forward to quizzing the doctor as he was facing homicide charges in Edo State as of the time of discovery.

Ajayi said, “We found the body, but we did not arrest him. He is not with us, as he is with the Edo State Police, where he is facing homicide charges.”

Adebowale, on September 3, allegedly murdered one Emmanuel Agbovinuere, a cab driver, by injecting him with a deadly substance, and he was paraded by the police on September 7. Speaking with the media on that day, Adebowale described Agbovinuere as a friend and begged his family to forgive him.

He said, “Let the police do their investigation. I am pleading with the family to forgive me. I have killed a friend. He was really my friend. I can show you our discussions on phone.”

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Man Mauled To Death By Dogs Belonging To A Church – Police



The Police Public Relations Officers (PPRO) of Lagos Command, SP Benjamin Hundeyin, confirmed the incident to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos on Sunday.

He also said the police have begun an investigation into the incident.

Hundeyin said that the younger brother of the victim reported the incident to the police in the Abule-Egba area of Lagos.

He said that on Tuesday at about 11:30pm, his elder brother was coming home and two German dogs came out from church premises and pounced on him.


“The man said the dogs gave his elder brother several bites all over his body. The police immediately visited the scene of the incident by detectives led by the Divisional Crime Officer.

“On arrival, the dogs were not seen. The victim was said to be rushed to Orile Agege General Hospital for treatment by the family.

“On getting to the hospital, it was discovered that the victim has given up the ghost. Family forcefully removed the corpse for burial according to Muslim rite,” he said.

The PPRO, therefore, advised members of the public to always cage and vaccinate their dogs.

“You are liable for any damage caused by your pets,” he warned. (NAN)/Daily Trust

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