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I’m being blackmailed with a sex tape — Tiwa Savage



Singer Tiwa Savage has revealed that someone is trying to extort her with a sex tape.

Though she said the video is not a sex tape, the singer did reveal that it was an intimate moment between her and her current boyfriend.

The singer disclosed this during an interview with American radio host, Angie Martinez, that the video features her and her current partner.

She said: “Yesterday I was leaving a radio station in my car and my road manager sent me a message and was like ‘Yo check your phone’ and I’m like okay, then I checked it and I’m like where did you get it from and he like I just got it like 20 minutes ago. It’s a tape of me and the person I’m dating right now.

“I got off the phone and sent it to my manager and she was like ‘Oh my God’ and I was like what are we gonna do? So the person is asking for money now.

“I asked him where he got it from and he said he received it about 20 minutes earlier.

“The video was sent to him and it is a tape of me and the person I am dating right now.

“The first thing I did after I got off the phone was that I sent it to my manager and asked what we should do.

“The person is asking for money now.

“The person I am dating is going crazy too.

“My manager asked how much the person is asking for.”

However, Savage stated she had decided not to pay the blackmailer because blackmailers usually come for more.

She said: “I decided I was not going to pay the person because if I do, two months from now, three months down the line, or even two years later, you are going to come back again.

“Who knows, if I send the money, the person will probably release it.

“I am not going to let anyone blackmail me for doing something natural.”

When asked if the blackmailer was the person she was dating, Savage cleared the air about her current partner’s reaction to the news.

She added: “No. He is going crazy too.

“I’m like what are we gonna do and my manager is like ‘How much are they asking for?’

“So I woke and I was like no – I pay now, two months time you gonna come back again and two years and who knows if I do send you the money you are gonna release it anyway.

“Like the fact that I’m not going to allow anyone to blackmail me for doing something that is natural.”

Savage shared that the person who contacted her threatened to release the tape if she does not pay them the bitcoin amount that they asked for.

However, it is not clear if the mother of one has reported the case to the police.

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Nigerian girls more afraid of pregnancy than STDs – Actress Etinosa



Etinosa Idemudia

“Blood of Enogie” star actress, Etinosa Idemudia, has stated ladies in Nigeria are more wary of pregnancy than Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs).

She made the assertion after a lady was captured in a video displaying bundle of N1000 notes as payment for ‘hook up’ with a man in Rivers State.

Among the notes which the lady brandished, one had the inscription ‘STD’ on it which made her wonder if the man was indirectly sending her a message but she eventually damned the ‘message’ noting it was his business.


Reacting to the video, many stated the man certainly transmitted some diseases to the lady and that was his way of informing her

Idemudia, in her short video captioned “Nigerian girls fear belle pas STD” while disguised as a ‘typical’ Nigerian girl could be heard saying; “Lare (Come) if you want gimme STD, that wan concern you. But I take God beg you, la wow o! No gimme belle!”

 The Nation
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My affair with Daniella to continue after the house – Evicted BBN housemate Khalid



Evicted Big Brother Naija housemate, Khalid, has hinted that his relationship with Daniella will transcend the house.

Khalid, who was evicted during the live show on Sunday, told Ebuka that his relationship with Daniella is a serious affair.
He said although he never planned to have a relationship in the show, it happened fast.
“It was quick, I knew I said I didn’t want a relationship but it hit me like a bus. It is serious.”
When asked how he felt about his eviction he said, “It’s a lot of emotion right now. I’m just grateful.”
Daniella and Khalid had been criticized for reportedly making love in the house.
Both housemates were seen under the duvet rocking each other last Sunday night in a video that went viral. This generated a lot of reactions online.

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I can comfortably buy a guy, keep him in my house, control him – Nkechi Blessing [VIDEO]



Nkechi Blessing

Nollywood actress, Nkechi Blessing Sunday has made a bold financial statement claiming that with the money she has, she can comfortably buy a guy, keep him in her house and control him

Nkechi Blessing made this claim during an Instagram live session with car dealer and mediator, Chidi Mike CMC.

She joined the live session which featured three other people apart from Chidi, with the topic of discussion being on marriage and whether it is compulsory for a woman to get married or not.


According to the movie star, he would be under her total control as she’ll put him in her house and dictate how the relationship should go based on her liking.

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