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Police tortured me to lie about having affair with millionaire’s wife — Uber driver



Thirty-three-year-old Bright Izedomni almost choked on emotion as he recalled and narrated his ordeal in the hands of policemen and women at the Ajiwe Police Station under the Lagos State Police Command last year December. The Uber driver trembled in remembered fear as the words tumbled out of his memory, finding release from his mouth. This was an ordeal Izedomni has kept buried for months inside of him, leading to him quitting his job as a Uber driver and running away from Lagos.

He narrated his encounter with a millionaire, Ikechukwu David Onwukwe; his wife, Mrs. Adeola Onwukwe; and the Police at Ajiwe Police Station and how fear had become his constant companion. He looked unkempt, hungry, and harried. He has been in hiding and looking over his shoulders for weeks and months. He trusts nobody and worries that Ikechukwu will unleash the police or his boys on him.

Tears shimmered in Izedomni’s eyes. And even as he fought them to stay put, they defeated him and streamed down his cheeks. He sniffed and wiped his eyes with the sleeve of his shirt.

He said: “I have never been so afraid in my life. Policemen and women tortured me with a cutlass, bottle and batons. I was slapped repeatedly and punched. They tied my hands and legs behind me and used the cutlass to beat me. The pain was unbearable for me.

“This happened in December, but till now I’m still having back pain and pains in different parts of my body. And while torturing me, the police kept shouting at me to confess that I had sex with Adeola and video-recorded everything.


“I cried and screamed in pain. I wrote a statement, and they wrote another statement, appended my name to it, saying all sorts of lies against me. It was when I saw the indicting statement written by the police that I decided to admit to the lies. I lied that I had an affair with Mrs. Adeola. I didn’t want to die. I needed to leave that police station.”

Izedomni is the Uber driver accused by Ikechukwu, a multimillionaire of having an affair with his wife, Adeola. However, the case between Adeola and Ikechukwu is the custody of their four children. Ikechukwu took the children and relocated with them to Owerri in Imo State without recourse to the Child Rights Law and without his wife’s consent.

According to Adeola, there was no sexual relationship between her and Izedomni. It will be recalled that Adeola repeatedly stated she never had a sexual relationship with Izedomni and had even demanded that her husband and his lawyer, Chimezie Onwuama, provide the evidence they claimed to have of the affair. How the fight for custody of four children between Ikechukwu and Adeola became a case of extramarital liaison is yet unclear.

Izedomni, petrified out of his wits, had bravely stepped out of his hiding to tell his side of the story to our reporter. He came out of hiding after finding out that members of the Advocates for Children and Vulnerable Persons Network have stepped into the matter, fighting for justice for Adeola. He also demanded justice, further asking for protection.

This was even as he admitted to making sexual advances at Adeola, but she had told him that she was a married woman and has had five children. He had immediately stopped making further moves.

Recalling how he met Adeola, Izedomni said it was at Shoprite in the Sangotedo area of Lekki, Lagos State in December 2022. It was at midnight. And he noticed her walking dejectedly. He followed her, wondering where she was going at that hour. She initially ignored him, but later responded that she was going to church.

He recounted: “I asked her why she didn’t take an Uber. I am an Uber driver and most of us drivers used to park at that Shoprite for passengers. She said that she didn’t like driving far distances. I quickly sensed I could make money and told her that she could hire me to drive her anywhere. It was a good business sense. We exchanged phone numbers and we started having conversations.


“She would later tell me that she was going to church that night to pray because her husband secretly married another woman and had a child without telling her. She said that they started their relationship in a one-room apartment before the man started making money. The thought of her husband marrying another woman was just too much for her to handle.”

Izedomni said the first time Adeola called him to come and pick her at home, she did not allow him into her house. She asked him to wait at the estate gate. He said that the house was close to the gate and he noticed that the fence was low, thus was able to notice that the house had CCTV everywhere.

He said: “On that first day, she instructed me to take her to Alagbon Police in Obalende, where her husband’s brother’s wife was detained. The woman’s husband was wanted for defrauding a company and when police couldn’t get him, they arrested his wife.

“She was detained. Ikechukwu then sent N500,000 to Adeola to get the woman out of police detention. Adeola told me all this, but when we got there, it didn’t work out because there was no available guarantor. On that day, she paid me N15,000. And because she used to call me for car hire, I discovered that Mrs. Adeola’s movements were usually to hospital, Ajah Market and Shoprite.”

One day, Adeola felt she needed further prayers and a cleric intervention in her wobbling marriage. She asked Izedomni if he knew of any powerful pastor. He called a friend, who then linked Adeola to a woman attending a Celestial Church of Christ.

Izedomni, who said that he did not know what Adeola discussed with the woman after connecting them through his friend, further explained that soon, he received a call from his best friend asking him to come and take him to Ikeja. He drove down to meet his friend at an agreed venue.

He did not know that Police tracked his phone, got his friend’s phone number, and then arrested him. He would be used as bait to catch him.

He said: “When I got there, my friend entered the car and just as I was about to drive off, he said I should wait, that his brother was coming. That was how three men entered the car, saying that the car was a stolen one. I told them that it was a lie! I had been driving that car for long and it belonged to a company.

“I didn’t know they were policemen. They were not in uniform. They could have been thieves or kidnappers. I started shouting thief! Thief! One of them brought out his identity card, saying that they were policemen from Ajiwe Police Station. I wondered why policemen from Ajiwe Police Station came all the way to Ibeju Lekki to make frivolous allegations. It was Rapid Response Squad operatives that were driving past that intervened and asked me to go with the policemen to Ajiwe.


“When we got there, they took me to the back of the station and started hitting me with sticks. One of them told me that I was arrested because I slept with someone’s wife. I said it was not true. They asked me if I knew Chief David, and I said no. They asked if I knew Mrs. Adeola, I said yes.”

Izedomni said that he was tortured for days. He was arrested on December 18, 2022 and was not allowed to go home until December 24, 2022. The long detention of Izedomni without charging him to court and without a detention warrant are also against the law.

Izedomni recalled that the policemen and women used to bring him out to torture him.  The police collected his car documents and his phone and refused to allow him to make a call to anyone.

He said that after days of being in detention, Ikechukwu finally came to Ajiwe Police Station. Izedomni felt that the police detained him for that long because they were waiting for the arrival of Ikechukwu.

He stated: “There’s a small room the police used to keep me. On the day Ikechukwu arrived, he came to ask me if I was Bright. I said yes. He punched me in my mouth in the presence of one of my Investigating Police Officers and blood started gushing out. Yes, I have two IPOs. One is called Inspector Abiola Williams, the other is called Alhaja. Those women used to beat and slap me.

“There is a policeman, who is a tracker. When Ikechukwu came, they brought Adeola. Ikechukwu collected Adeola’s phone and mine and handed them over to the tracker. Adeola’s husband slapped her in the presence of the police, and nothing was done about the abuse.

“Ikechukwu came back to me. He said: ‘My brother you see at this police station, I’m spending naira. When we get to court, I will spend dollars.’ There was a man that was detained in the cell with me, someone came to visit him. He told me that he saw Ikechukwu throwing money around at the police people.

“This detainee told me to do anything to ensure I leave that police station immediately, that they had ‘finished my matter.’ The family of Adeola and of Ikechukwu came to see the Divisional Police Officer of Ajiwe Police Station. Adeola’s family members were mostly women, while Ikechukwu’s family were men.”

Izedomni was brought out of the cell and taken to the DPO’s office, where the confab was being held. He was made to stand right in front of the DPO’s desk, with his case file opened on the desk.


He glanced at the file and discovered that someone had rewritten his statement, putting lies as confessions that did not emanate from him. The DPO then asked the gathered people to tell their stories. Kemi, Adeola’s elder sister, decided to go first.

Izedomni added: “But the DPO shouted at her and ordered her to go out, that she was too forward. Right there in the DPO’s office, my IPOs and the tracker started slapping and hitting me, telling me to confess. The slaps were coming from different directions, and they were video recording me.

“When I saw the statement with my name, but not my words, I knew I was in deeper trouble. It was then and there I decided to lie that I had a sexual affair with Mrs. Adeola. I even lied that it was once, and they kept video recording me. Ikechukwu made more accusations against me, saying that he sent Adeola N5 million and she used it to buy a Toyota Camry car for me.

“He also accused me that I used to enter his wife’s bedroom. His house has CCTV everywhere, let him and the police bring the CCTV to prove I was ever there.

“I was still in detention when policemen went to Ikechukwu’s house, used Adeola’s car to pack her things out of her matrimonial home, and brought them to the station. Police also made me sign an undertaken.”

Izedomni said that after his release, Ikechukwu called him, asking for receipts of the hotels he and Adeola used to go to have sexual liaisons, adding: “I asked him what hotel receipts. I told him that I didn’t have time for his nonsense. He now said he would give me N2 million if I cooperated. I told him I was not interested. My wife and pastor bailed me with N40,000 and it was money I wanted to use to buy Christmas wear for my child.

“When Ikechukwu came to the station, about 10 young men came with him. They were his boys, and they all wore white. It was scary. He has boys everywhere. I don’t think I am safe, so I returned the car I was using for Uber because the police snapped it and its plate number. They could snatch it on the road. Anything was possible.

“I destroyed my SIM card and ran away from Lagos because Ikechukwu and Police have my house address. I ran away because I didn’t and couldn’t have a rest of my mind. Everything and every noise startle me. Incidentally, I was not the only driver arrested because of Adeola. There are two other drivers that were arrested before me.

“The funny thing is that one of my IPOs said that Ikechukwu still owed them money. Ikechukwu told me at the Police station that for years he has been looking for a way to divorce Adeola. Presently I am jobless, and my wife is pregnant. I don’t even know how we will manage with the coming baby.”

Izedomni had to borrow money for transportation fare from people in the Oshodi area in order to go back to where he had been hiding outside of Lagos State.



Tension in Taraba as bandits hack monarch, son to death



Tension in Taraba as bandits hack monarch, son to death

Suspected bandits have killed a prominent traditional ruler in Taraba State, the Gara of Chanchanji, Tanimu Kunbiya, and his son, Yusuf.

The traditional ruler and his son were on Friday returning from a funeral service in Takum when they were waylaid and brutally murdered.

Multiple sources including the state government have confirmed and condemned the killing.

Governor Agbu Kefas in a statement said he received with deep sadness the news of the death of the traditional ruler and his son.

The governor’s statement was issued by his Special Adviser on Media and Digital Communication, Emmanuel Bello.

He described as tragic how the revered monarch was hacked to death.

The statement added that the governor had ordered the security agents to investigate the circumstances, and go after the perpetrators of the heinous crime.

The governor, who called for calm from Takum residents, said he would leave no stone unturned to fish out the criminals and bring them to justice.

This is the third time this year that a traditional ruler will be killed by suspected bandits.

President General of Tiv Cultural and Social Association, Taraba State, Chief James Baka, also condemned the situation.

He said in a statement, “As a people, we are deeply saddened and concerned by this event.

“We urge everyone to remain calm and allow the security agencies to carry out their responsibilities effectively.

“We unequivocally condemn any act of criminality and will never associate with criminal elements.

“We appeal to His Excellency, Dr. Agbu Kefas, the Governor of Taraba State, to deploy security forces to calm the rising tensions in the area.”


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How ‘pastor’ brutalises woman, 90, Imam in Edo community



How ‘pastor’ brutalises woman, 90, Imam in Edo community

Tempers have flared up in a riverine community, Ofukpo-Ekperi, in the Estako Central LGA of Edo State following a viral video of a man brutalising a woman in her 90s, Adishetu Atairu, and an elderly man, said to be the imam of the community, Musa Shaibu, and six others.

The video footage on WhatsApp and Facebook shows a crowd at night led by a man simply identified as Pastor Sharp-Sharp.

In one of the clips, the elderly woman with a walking stick was dragged to the middle of the crowd while a young man was yelling at her to sit down.

When she sat down on a chair, Pastor Sharp-Sharp was heard saying she should sit on the floor, even as another young man then kicked her legs, forcing her to fall to the ground.

In another clip, a man identified as the chief imam of the community is seen sitting on the bare ground while a young man removed his cap.

In another clip, a woman wearing a hijab was brought forward, and Pastor Sharp-Sharp was heard saying, ‘You killed Eshe and killed the wife’, and the woman said that she had something to say, but Pastor Sharp-Sharp cut her short, saying, “Not now, take her away”.

In another clip, another woman wearing a small hijab was also brought in and the pastor accused her that they were the two and then asked her to leave.

The crowd in the video was heard commending the pastor after humiliating his victims during the unfortunate incident.


A resident of the community, Abu Buhari, told the Daily Trust in an interview that on July 5, his stepmother, Adishetu Atairu, and others were dehumanised and assaulted by Pastor Sharp-Sharp and his accomplices.

He said, like his stepmom, the community chief imam and other residents were also abducted by Pastor Sharp-Sharp in the middle of the night, using gun-wielding thugs. The victims were physically assaulted and made to confess to crimes they knew nothing about.

“On the faithful day, residents of my community went to bed as usual, only to be woken up by strange, gun-wielding men. The victims were dragged before a waiting crowd and accused of witchcraft. My stepmother was brutalised, humiliated and traumatised,” he said.

“The information I got was that the community youths who are vigilantes initiated a move to offer prayer for the community to progress. But the community members were not in support because of the gangsterism they employed in achieving it.

“They went ahead to contact one Pastor Sharp-Sharp whom, I learned, charged them fees. The youths said the pastor had been performing miracles in some areas. So against the wish of the community, they went and brought the so-called pastor and started unleashing terror on the people.

“The pastor organised a crusade in the midnight and perpetrated terror on those they claimed were witches and wizards.

“According to the information that was available to me, the youths wrote the names of the people they claimed were witches and wizards and handed them to the pastor, who in turn started calling their names out during his crusade.

“When the pastor called names of the people, the youths would go to the person’s house in the dead of night and forcefully bring them to the venue of the event and then proceed to assault and dehumanise them.

“Like in the case of my stepmother, they stormed our house, abducted her despite the injury she sustained on her leg and brought her to the pastor. They gave her a chair but the pastor commanded that she must sit on the floor, which she refused to do, saying she committed no offence.

“In order to force her to obey their so-called overseer, one of his boys tackled her and she fell down. That same treatment was meted on our chief imam and about seven other persons in the village.

“Because of beating and dehumanisation, some people ran away that night. And because of fear of the same treatment meted out to the victims, others started saying all sort of things they know nothing about.”


According to Buhari, after the dehumanisation, the pastor forced them to pay sundry amounts ranging from N10, 000 and above for chaplain and some miracle medicines.

He said they reported the incident to the police, who asked them to submit a petition on the incident, detailing what happened.

He said after the petition was submitted, the pastor was arrested by the Police Area Command Office in Agenebode, Etsako East LGA on Wednesday, July 17.

“Ofukpo is a riverine community and in the rainy season, the people are cut off from the Ekperi community due to lack of access road,” he also said.

He called on the police and other relevant government agencies to intervene and bring the perpetrators to justice to avert communal and religious crises in the state.

Buhari said his stepmom and other victims are still in pain as a result of the beating and dehumanisation they suffered.

The spokesman of the Edo State Police Command, SP Chidi Nwabuzor, who confirmed the incident, said, “Yes, the incident is confirmed, the police are aware of it.

“The pastor and one other person have been arrested and they are in police custody. The suspects have been charged to court.”

Reacting to the incident, the Muslim Students Society of Nigeria’s Amir (president) in Edo State, condemned the attack and called on the state government and security agencies to bring the perpetrators to justice.

Also reacting, Afemai Islamic Movement’s (AIM) Amir, Sheikh Ismaeel Danesi, called for justice for the people of Ofikpo community.

“Our people are peaceful. No one has the right to assault anyone, let alone old people who are innocent. Our culture forbids it, just as our religion is against it.”

On its part, the Edo Muslims for Equity and Good Governance, (EMEGG) commended the Nigeria Police and other security operatives for wading into the matter before it escalated.

The group’s coordinator, Sirajudeen Muhammad, assured Muslims in the state that justice for those humiliated will not be compromised.

He said religion is to save and not to harm, adding that the group will follow the case to its logical conclusion.

“The pastor and two others have been charged to court, we were at the court today and we will always be present at the court. The case has been adjourned to August 7, for hearing.”

– Trust

How ‘pastor’ brutalises woman, 90, Imam in Edo community

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DSS operatives raid kidnappers hideout in Kaduna, kill one, arrest another



DSS Operatives

DSS operatives raid kidnappers hideout in Kaduna, kill one, arrest another

Kidnappers behind the abduction of the mother of the famous Hausa singer, Dauda Kahutu Rarara, have been killed and arrested.

One of the kidnappers was killed during a shootout with the operatives of the Department of State Security, DSS, while his cohort was arrested.

A DSS source in Kano confirmed the development to newsmen on Friday.

The source said the kidnappers met their end after the DSS’ operatives invaded their hideouts at Makarfi Forest in Kaduna State early on Friday.

He said the criminals were caught unaware as they were sharing the ransom they collected when the DSS team stormed their den.


According to the source: “The operatives were able to overpower the kidnappers, killing one instantly and arresting another who is receiving treatment from gunshots he received, while the N26.5 million paid to them was recovered.”

He said the operation was carried out after careful intelligence traced the kidnappers to Makarfi Forest.

He said: “The operation was so successful that the other kidnapper who is receiving treatment is helping the operatives with some credible information on how they kidnapped innocent Nigerians.”

He added: “I can confidently tell you that the kidnappers, Hamisu and Bature, are Fulanis. The one receiving treatment, Bature, is helping the operatives with information on their activities.”

DSS operatives raid kidnappers hideout in Kaduna, kill one, arrest another

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