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Nigerians slam filmmaker for asking actress to go naked in movie + Videos



Bola Fowosere, famously known as Ewatomilola

Nigerians on social have called out a movie director,  Mr. Bayo, for asking a popular Nollywood actress, Bola Fowosere, also known as Ewatomilola to go naked in his forthcoming movie, titled Olosho Laafin.

Muslim News reports that Olosho Laafin literally means prostitute in the palace.

There have been reported cases of obscene, lewd and x-rated contents in movies, songs, and skits churned out in Nigeria, many of which are said to promote immorality and have great impact on the youth.

The angry Nigerians in a series on posts on various social media platforms lambasted the director for promoting immorality all in the name of movies.

They also praised the actress, a practising Muslim, for standing by her conviction and principle, saying she deserves an honour.

Sharafadeen Iyanda Ganiyu said, “Honestly, she deserves recognition. Imagine being mocked in a crowd for standing with morals! She was the only voice there, mocked, crying, and praying for God’s intervention! We all owe her support if truly we’re for morals. Count me in for all forms of assistance.”

How it all started

The video of popular Nollywood actress telling her colleagues at a movie location that as a practicing Muslim, she can never go naked for a role surfaced online on Sunday, May 8.

Skit or Real? Watch the short video

An argument ensued when the Director, Mr. Bayo told the actress to reveal a part of her body while playing the role of the King’s wife in the movie, titled Olosho Laafin.

Despite persuasion from her colleagues, Ewatomilola, a Muslim, refused to play the nude role. She also vouched to return the money paid by the producer of the movie.

The video has sparked reactions on social media as many netizens lambasted the director and producer for promoting nudity all in the name of making movies.

While reacting, another netizen, Princess Adeola Agbaje noted, You can’t force her against her religious practice. I commend her determination. What is the end of those artists practicing such nonsense? All bodies should stand against moral decadence.”

A few hours later, another video surfaced online showing the actress and her colleagues apologizing to their fans.

They insisted that the controversial video was a skit, used to promote their forthcoming work, Olosho Laafin.

The cast and crew apologised, saying IT WAS A SKIT

Fowosere posted another video on her social media handle, where she also insisted it was a skit.


However, fans on social media claimed that the apology was damage control, adding that the actress was probably forced to cover up for them.

AbdulAzeez Olalekan Abdullahi, “It was never a skit. Though, she is a woman to reckon with and should be celebrated. Her type is rare in the industry. May Allah continue to honey her and bring down those who want to shame her. Amin”

Aloyinlapa Semiu Kay Ochendo said, “This was never a skit! She must have been persuaded or compelled to do this! That guy is very stupid”

According to Makinde Munir Adewale, “I doubt if it was a skit, but as said, skit or no skit the lady deserves an award. Though I’ve been noticing in their movie, I’ve never watched a scene where she exposed her nudity.”

Veteran actress, Toyin Adegbola intervenes

A social media user, Saheed Oladele later shared another video of veteran Nollywood actress, Toyin Adegbola, aka ‘Asewo to re mecca’ who defended the actress, insisting she will neither expose her body nor refund the money.

Madam Adegbola, sat together with the actress in a room, with another actress (Iya Ibadan), where she said, “Since our years in the theatre industry, no one has asked us to go nude or naked to feature in movies. In those days, if we want to play the nude scene, a bra will briefly shown (sic) but now, they have spoilt our legacy.

“Do you have to go naked because you’re playing a role of Olosho Laafin?” the Nollywood veteran asked, as she begged the actress, saying that, “you can’t do any refund. No way. It’s not possible. Besides, the matter has been settled now.”

Those who saw Madam Toyin Adegbola’s video and another video later released by the actress on her social media believed that it was not a skit.

“She was forced to cover up for them. There was no skit anywhere; it was an afterthought she was begged to accept. The regulators (government and professional bodies) will need to do their jobs to promote sanity in the industry. That industry is behind moral decadence and many criminal activities you see among youths today. It sells as “anything goes” and forces actresses to take money as everything. If nobody is saying it already, I want Muslims all over Nigeria to rise and get a car for this woman,” Obasanjo J. Oyedele said in a comment.


56-yr-old Evangelist Eucharia cries out, says she needs a man to marry her



Eucharia Anunobi

Legendary Nollywood actress turned Evangelist Eucharia Anunobi, has affirmed that she is urgently in need of a man to settle down with.

I’m an interview with BBC Igbo, the 56-year-old Eucharia reveals her utmost concern about settling down. In 2006, It was gathered that the actress’s marriage to her ex-husband, Mr Charles Edwu, ended after six years of marriage.

Eucharia’s marriage to Charles birthed Raymond who was an only child but sadly died from complications linked with sickle cell anaemia at age 15.
According to the thespian,

“Please, I use this opportunity and tell the world that I want to marry urgently. A great man should show himself and put a ring on this finger of mine.


My specification is a man who is God-fearing and handsome. He must be up to the task, having everything that makes a man male. You must be complete, that’s all I can say.”

Eucharia who recently reacted to the news making rounds on social media platforms about her alleged affair with a 27-years old colleague named Lucky Oparah.

In the opinion to information that went viral, the lovely actress holds an English Language degree, is apparently in love with Lucky and might likely end up walking down the aisle with him.

The soft-spoken veteran screen diva didn’t debunk nor take part in the allegations of her lover boy, however, she said it was a disgusting report.

“Sorry! This is the height of witchcraft!

How demonic and absolutely disgusting. It is well. It’s really well,” she said.

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I keep getting credit alerts from strangers – Nkechi Blessing



Nkechi Blessing

Controversial actress Nkechi Blessing has claimed she has been getting bank alerts from anonymous persons.

According to her, strangers have been crediting her account for which she remains grateful.

She said: “Strangers be taking interest in my matter, blessing me left and right.

I really do not take this love for granted.

“Uncle Kay, thanks for the gigantic alert. E shock me seriously. God bless you abundantly.”

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It’s nobody’s business how many wives I marry – Yul Edochie



Yul Edochie

Movie star and producer, Yul Edochie has stated he has the right to marry as many wives as he wants.

He spoke after many Nigerians criticised him for taking a second wife, who he unveiled last month with his son.

He said it’s nobody’s business how many wives he marry.

He tweeted: “I can marry 100 wives in one day and it should be nobody’s business as it his life and nobody should judge him. Shame on you all.”

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