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As impeachment axe dangles on Trump, Pence rules out 25th Amendment



United States Vice-President Mike Pence has ruled out using the 25th Amendment to remove President Donald Trump from office following the US Capitol riot.

But Democrats are moving relentlessly towards making him the first president to be impeached twice after he incited a mob assault on Congress.

With the House of Representatives on the cusp of impeaching President Trump, Pence encouraged Congress to avoid actions to “further divide and inflame the passions of the moment”.

Trump earlier refused to take any responsibility for the US Capitol riot, in which  his supporters smashed into the building, and said his speech for the mob was “totally appropriate”.

In a letter to House speaker Nancy Pelosi, Mr Pence said the mechanism should not be used “as a means of punishment or usurpation” and reserved for cases of medical or mental incapacitation.

The focus instead should be on smoothing the transition to President-elect Joe Biden’s administration, he said.

Ms Pelosi has called on Mr Pence to secure the majority of the Cabinet and vote to declare Mr Trump unfit to serve.

This came less than a week after the president fomented the violent insurrection at the Capitol.

Ms Pelosi has said if Mr Pence rejects use of the 25th Amendment, the House will move to impeach him.

Already, at least three Republicans have said they would vote for that.

The president’s comments appeared to encourage the protesters to march on the Capitol building, and he praised them while they were still carrying out the assault.

“People thought that what I said was totally appropriate,” Mr Trump said during his first appearance in public since the Capitol siege last week.

Trump brushed off Democratic calls on his Cabinet to declare him unfit from office and remove him from power using the 25th Amendment.

“The 25th Amendment is of zero risk to me, but will come back to haunt Joe Biden and the Biden administration,” President Trump said, adding, “As the expression goes, be careful of what you wish for.”

His remarks came during a visit to the site of the 450th mile of the border wall his administration is building.

The rampage through the halls of Congress sent lawmakers of both parties and President Trump’s own vice president into hiding, as crowds called for Mike Pence’s lynching for his role overseeing the vote count.

The scene also undermined the hallmark of the republic — the peaceful transition of power. At least five people died, including one Capitol Police officer.

Speaking on Tuesday, President Trump said the “real problem” was not his rhetoric, but the rhetoric that Democrats used to describe Black Lives Matter protests and violence in Seattle and Portland this summer, “Everybody to the ‘T’ thought it was totally appropriate,” President Trump said of his own comments.

He angrily lashed out at lawmakers’ push for his second impeachment this week, claiming: “It’s causing tremendous anger and division and pain far greater than most people will ever understand, which is very dangerous for the USA, especially at this very tender time.”


‘They met exchange rate at N200/$1, now it’s N800/$1’ – Tinubu attacks Buhari’s govt again



President Muhammadu Buhari and Bola Ahmed Tinubu

The presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Bola Tinubu, at the party’s presidential campaign rally in Calabar, Cross River State, slammed the President Muhammadu Buhari-led federal government over the depreciation of the nation’s currency.

This comes few days after Tinubu criticised the government.

According to Tinubu, when the government took over, the naira/dollar exchange rate was about N200 to a dollar, but it has depreciated to about N800 to the dollar on the parallel market.

“Today, they moved the exchange rate from N200 to N800. If they had repaired it, if they had arrested this, we won’t be where we are today, we will be greater.  “They don’t know the way, they don’t know how to think, they don’t know how to do,” the former Lagos governor said.

Tinubu recently in Abeokuta, Ogun State, had attacked the federal government for the lingering fuel scarcity in the country as well as the naira redesign project which the Central Bank of Nigeria carried out with the approval of President Muhammadu Buhari.

However, the former Lagos governor had denied that the outburst wasn’t targeted at the president, but the presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, Atiku Abubakar.


Also at the Calabar rally, Tinubu promised that Cross River State woulf be converted to the tourism hub of Nigeria if he becomes the president of Nigeria after the February 25, 2023 presidential election.

Tinubu said this while addressing a mammoth crowd of APC stalwarts and supporters that trooped out to grace the presidential campaigns of the party in Calabar.

The APC leader who arrived Calabar in company of his running mate Senator Kashim Shettima alongside other party members said: “We will turn the water surroundings and the Atlantic of Cross River State to be better than Florida.Money will come in; this state will become wonders of tourism in Nigeria. We are promise keepers!

“We mean what we say. When we took over in Lagos, we said what we’ll do in Lagos, and we did it. Today Lagos is exceptionally rich and functional.”

The APC presidential candidate said as president, he would create prosperity, create jobs and create a much stronger economy for the country.

Tinubu told the people of Cross River State not to vote for the candidate of the PDP.

“They (PDP) mismanaged the nation’s economy, and privatised assets of the country to themselves and their cronies. Don’t mind them with their lies of 16 years, they cannot even provide electricity to roast corn. They kept lying, electricity that is generated from our hydro, they don’t know how to do it”, he alleged.

Tinubu praised Senator John Owan-Eno and the Mrs. Mary Ekpere for sheathing their swords, and working together in unison with others for the victory of the APC at the polls.

Also speaking, a former Leader of the Senate Victor Ndoma-Egba, said the election provides the opportunity for the PDP to be buried finally.

The state governor, Prof. Ben Ayade said the APC would win all the election in the state.

Ayade asked Tinubu to ensure that the Bakassi Deep Seaport, and the Super Highway become realities when he becomes president of Nigeria.


Meanwhile, at the Awka rally in Anambra State, Tinubu derided two of his co-contestants, Atiku and Mr. Peter Obi of the Labour Party (LP),  saying anytime Atiku says “walahi talahi’, what is in his head is, ‘na lie I lie.”

Describing the duo as liars and betrayers, Tinubu, who insisted that he was the only one who has been able to establish a track record of success, with verifiable projects as governor of Lagos State, identified Governor Chukwuma Soludo as a thinker he was ready to work with as well as promised to tackle the challenge of erosion in the state the same way he tackled the menace of ocean surge in Lagos.

“You will have industrial hub in Anambra. We are not like PDP that forgot your rail line. They are liars. When you hear Atiku uses the word and say ‘walahi talahi’, what is in his head is “na lie I lie”. Anytime you hear him say Walahi talqhi,, just reply and say, “na lie I lie.

“The man who left here, he calls himself Peter Obi. We read in the bible that before the cock crows, he will deny Jesus Christ. Is it not true? So, how can he keep his promise to you? He cannot prove a point. Has Bola Tinubu not proved a point? Did I close any market? Did I kill anyone? I’m a thinker and a doer, I even tamed the Atlantic,” he said

Speaking on his promises for the people of Anambra State, Tinubu said, “You want to make Anambra a highly dependable state right? That is the memory of my dear friend Chuba Okadigbo. That is what we will continue to carry on – the joy of Chuba Okadigbo. Youths of Anambra, I’m here today to concretise the promise of development that will promise you restoration and industrialisation.

“You know me, you know Tinubu, the city boy of Lagos? You know I had the Atlantic tamed in Lagos? The way we tamed Atlantic Ocean is the same way we will tame the erosion in the eastern region. We will tame the erosion. We will make the value of your property worth more than 1,000 time of  your investment.


“We will create jobs for our youths. We will industrialise and make Anambra both the economic city and the economic centre of Nigeria. Your resources will be applied to create handwork and hard work, better paying jobs.

“We are not like the other party that comes here to lie to you. Tell them when they bring their lie, ask them how long will it take their lies to travel from Port Harcourt to Onitsha, Onitsha to Aba?

“You see their lies, for 16 years, PDP lied that they will give industrialisation, but instead they sold our assets to themselves and they called it privatisation. Privatisation to their own pockets. They privatised the industry to their pockets.

“The hour has come, your PVC is the master, the voice of commandment. Atiku said he is the candidate of the north, is that not a dog whistle? Is that not a division among us. Anambra people lived well, in prosperity and joy with me in Lagos. I started paying WAEC fees, I didn’t discriminate whether you are Igbo, Christian or anybody, I paid for everybody.”

He, however, eulogised Soludo, saying, “Soludo, your son is not contesting with me or against me. He is a brilliant man, he has the brain, he is a thinker, he knows the way. We will work together. When I become the president, Soludo will be one of those advisers, who will bring prosperity back to you. So, the way you voted for Soludo is the way you vote for Bola Tinubu.”

Director General of the APC presidential campaign council, Senator Margery Okadigbo, who spoke at the rally said, the massive attendance was indicative of the love the people of the state had for Tinubu, and that they were ready to vote for him during the election. Thisday

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Why I’m backing Tinubu, not supporting Funke Akindele — Bimbo Akintola



Nollywood actress, Bimbo Akintola

Nollywood actress, Bimbo Akintola, has explained why she has pitched her tent with the All Progressives Congress, including its presidential candidate, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, for the 2023 elections.

The prominent Nollywood actress revealed this in an interview she granted Television Continental recently.

Akintola said she belong to the APC Presidential Campaign Council.

She said: “I am with the PCC.

“I’m working for Asiwaju.

“And I’m also with CGI (Connecting Grassroots Initiative), which MC Oluomo started.

“What we are doing is going door to door.

“First and foremost, Asiwaju built talent.

“He found people who can do things.

“Look at his cabinet when he was governor.

“Those are the names we call now.

“We see (Babatunde Raji) Fashola, (Yemi) Osinbanjo, Wale Edun.

“And they are the so-called young names we call in politics.


“And they all came from where?

“It’s because Asiwaju sourced them and brought them on.

“We would be excited about the changes that would happen in this country.”

Akintola said one of the reasons she is backing the former Lagos State Governor to emerge the president of the country was his support for the creative industry.

She said: “I know he has a vision for Nigeria, which is crucial.

“Where we are in the world right now, if you know you don’t have a picture, you shouldn’t try to serve.

“He has an idea.

“Tinubu has supported so many people.

“Our industry for one.

“You don’t need to know him to get support.

:When we lost Moji Olaiya, and she wasn’t in the country, he flew her in, he paid for everything.

“So many actors have received help from him.

“And he doesn’t know them from anywhere.”

When asked about her colleague, Funke Akindele, who is Peoples Democratic Party deputy governorship candidate for Lagos State, Akintola said: “I think more and more people who feel they have a service to give to this country need to step up.

“Nigeria needs all the help.

“They should step up.”

She noted that she has currently been speaking up because of how other people try to downplay her choices.

Akintola added: “Normally, I don’t share my politics or what I believe on social media, but because of how people are attacking others, I said no, we won’t be bullied.

“Every Nigerian has the right to make a choice.

“My choice might be different from yours, but it doesn’t change the fact that we are both Nigerians.”


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2023: Why Wike, allies can’t publicly declare support for Tinubu or Peter Obi



Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers State is yet to announce his preferred presidential candidate despite promising to do so in January 2023.

Naija News recalls that Wike, alongside four other aggrieved governors of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), known as the G5, had vowed not to support the party’s presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar.

The Rivers State Governor had in December 2022 disclosed that he would publicly declare his preferred presidential candidate in January 2023 and openly campaign for him nationwide.

“From January next year, I will campaign to my people whom they will vote for.

“So, all of you who have been in suspense, who have been saying all kinds of things, abusing me, wait. January is here.

“Not only will I tell them (my people) whom to vote, I will move from state to state (for campaigns), and why they should vote for the person, nothing will happen,” he had said when he commissioned the tenth flyover by his administration in the Obio-Akpor Local Government Area of Rivers.


But as January ended yesterday, the controversial governor did not keep his promise of revealing his presidential candidate.

Speaking to Daily Independent on Tuesday, a member of the PDP National Working Committee (NWC) said Governor Wike knows that openly backing a candidate aside Atiku may lead to his suspension by the PDP national leadership as it amounts to anti-party activities.

The source, who pleaded anonymity, said: “Wike and his allies are being careful that if they launch out by announcing a presidential candidate, the party’s hammer may fall on them.

“The party is supreme, and if they announce any other presidential candidate, they will be suspended. Forget all what Wike is saying, he is not bigger than the party. He is just one individual and can be sanctioned.

“Just like the party did recently with respect to Ekiti PDP, aside suspending the governors, they can also suspend the candidates they are backing for Senate, House of Representatives.

“When Wike made the statement, he never took it into cognizance that he can be suspended based on the constitutional provisions of the party. However, a member of the NWC granted an interview recently where he quoted from the PDP constitution that if they announce a presidential candidate aside the party’s flagbearer, they may be sanctioned.

“The truth there is nothing Wike can do if he is sanctioned. The best he can do is to go and challenge it in court and nobody knows where the litigation will end. By the end of the matter, the election would have been over and he and his candidates may lose out.”

Naija News reports that Nigerians were hoping Governor Wike would openly declare his support for either the All Progressives Congress Presidential candidate, Bola Tinubu, or Peter Obi of the Labour Party.

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