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We taught Tinubu a lesson he doesn’t own Lagos — Aisha Yesufu + Video



Social activist, Aisha Yesufu, has reassured Labour Party supporters that the outcome of the presidential election will be contested in court.

The ardent OBIdient, as supporters of the LP presidential candidate, Peter Obi, are known, spoke in a viral video.

Recall that the Independent National Electoral Commission declared the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, as the winner of the 2023 presidential election.

The announcement was greeted with mixed feelings by Labour Party supporters who are contesting the results of the poll.

Yesufu, in the viral video, said the victory of the LP was stolen.

She said this could be seen from the results from Lagos, where she said Tinubu, a former two-term Governor of the State, thought he owned it.

She said from the plan for the election, the Labour Party knew Lagos State was going to be the easiest to take.

And she offered reason for it.

Yesufu said: “We have a legal fight to get our mandate back.


“I see a lot of people who have been saying they control the court, we won’t get our mandate because they control the court.

“The truth is they don’t control the court, but they want you to believe that they control the court.

“It’s an illusion because it was the same thing with Lagos.

“Many people believed that Tinubu could not be defeated in Lagos.

“For all the states, Lagos State is the one I knew we had in the bag.

“The only reason it was possible for him to keep Lagos was because they believe he had the power and controlled Lagos, so they didn’t bother to come out and vote.

“It is an illusion and that illusion by the race of God, it will be scattered.

“We have never have a people focused on the judiciary because all these while our focus has been on the executive and the legislature.

“Now is the time to focus on the judiciary.

“All those judges, we will put a torchlight on all of them.

“It is our mandate that was stolen.

I delivered my polling unit.

“You can’t change my result.

“Put the result that came from my polling unit because I am also a witness.

“They are saying go to court because they want you to believe they own the court, but they don’t.”



Lagos to get additional 2,050 BRT buses – Commissioner 



Lagos to get additional 2,050 BRT buses – Commissioner 


The Lagos State Government says it plans to inject additional 50 electric vehicles and 2,000 mass transit buses into its public transportation system to ease movement across the state.

The state Commissioner for Transportation, Oluwaseun Osiyemi, said this in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria.

He said that the procurement of the Bus Rapid Transit vehicles would further reduce queues at bus stations.

According to him, more BRT buses will be provided with the support of an oil company that has promised to support government’s effort.

“We’re aware of the long queues in all our stations, especially on Mondays. We’re working better to serve the good people of Lagos State.

“We’re almost done with the procurement of 2,000 BRT buses to ease the queues in the stations.

“You know Lagos State believes in public and private partnership.

“Therefore, an oil company is giving us 50 electric buses in addition to the ones the state government is procuring.

“So, residents of Lagos State will no longer have to suffer the long queues,” he said.

The state government had earlier announced a plan to reduce transportation fares by 25 per cent in all routes.

The commissioner said that the announcement was one of the palliative measures to check queues in bus stations.

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Customs deny causing the deaths of rice buyers



Customs deny causing the deaths of rice buyers

The Nigeria Customs Service called the stampede at its Yaba, Lagos, office during the sale of 25kg of rice to Lagos residents regrettable, resulting in the deaths of seven people.

Our correspondent learned that people were trampled to death as a large crowd gathered at the service’s Yaba headquarters on Friday to buy sacks of confiscated grains amidst the country’s poor economic conditions.

Chronicle NG reports that Comfort Adebanjo, an All Progressives Congress member, and six others were killed while attempting to acquire grains marketed for N10,000 at the Yaba Customs office.

Oluwafemi Fadahunsi, the APC’s coordinator for FKL Ward E1 in Lagos State, and Adebari Adewale, the secretary, verified that Adebanjo was one of the seven people killed in the stampede.

In the obituary released on Saturday, the party wrote, “It is with heavy hearts and regret that we announce the painful death of one of our members in FKL Ward E1, Mrs. Adebanjo Comfort Funmilayo, of house number 104, Ibidun Street by Akinhanmi Street, Ojuelegba.

“She was among the seven victims who died in the course of buying customs rice at Yaba.

“May God grant all the members of her family and all the residents of Ward E1 the fortitude to bear the irreplaceable loss.”


Speaking with our correspondent on Sunday, Customs spokeswoman Abdullahi Maiwada blamed the development on the impatience of those who were at the venue of the sell of the commodity.

“At a point, they decided to be impatient. When we saw the crowd, we even suspended the collection of forms and said, ‘Let’s give them free’.

“We did that; we exhausted everything. After exhausting everything and telling them that everything had finished and that they could go and that we didn’t have any more, they persisted. Some of them broke the fence at that place.

“We had to put up some barricades to cover the area. Some of them went and entered the container. At one point, we used our ambulance and took them to the hospital,” he said.

He added, “I don’t really have the statistics of the lives we have lost, but we made every effort for everyone to be orderly and to rescue them. We took them to the hospital. What do you want us to do?”

He stated that the Customs used Yaba since it had previously demolished the site, adding, “We used Yaba because we didn’t want to endanger our facilities.”

Speaking on whether the deaths resulted from pushing, he answered, “I can’t say. Some of them went and entered the engine container. Did we cause the deaths of anybody?

“We didn’t. We made efforts to rescue them because we took them to the hospital. We have learned our lessons. We have to go and strategize on how we’re going to continue and sustain this initiative.”

“It is very unfortunate; it is something that we wish did not happen, and we are very pathetic about it. We are with them in this trying situation,” he told the victims’ families.

Customs deny causing the deaths of rice buyers

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Scores killed in a rival bandit group clash in Zamfara



Zamfara State Commissioner of Police, Ayuba Elkana

Scores killed in a rival bandit group clash in Zamfara

A fierce clash between two competing gangs around Hayin Alhaji and Munhaye forest in the Tsafe Local Government Area of Zamfara State resulted in the deaths of scores of bandits.

Mohammed Sanda, a local, told reporters on Sunday that the two terrorist gangs fought for supremacy last Saturday, in which hundreds of people died.

Sanda stated that villagers discovered several dead bodies at the location of the clash and were considering a mass burial for the fallen terrorists.

“We may dig a big grave and bury the dead bodies before they decompose,” he said.

According to Sanda, a group of bandits from adjacent Katsina State infiltrated some Zamfara localities with the goal of capturing the locals.

However, the powerful and known bandits’ kingpin, Ado Alero, an indigene of the area, intervened and refused to allow the rival bandit organisation to capture the residents.

The two rival gangs engaged in a gun war, resulting in the deaths of several bandits on both sides.


He claimed that residents in the neighbourhood flocked to the battleground to see the dead bodies of the defeated robbers.

According to him, the thieves abandoned more than 20 motorcycles at the scene of the struggle.

He said, “Some bandits who came from Katsina State invaded some communities between Tafkin Kazai and Munhaye village around five o’clock in the evening of last Saturday, trying to abduct the residents of the area.

“While they were in the area, another group of bandits led by Ado Alero came to the place in a bid to protect the residents.

“The two bandit groups exchanged hot words and finally began to shoot at each other, while the residents ran helter-skelter for their dear lives.

“As we were running, the bandits’ leader, Ado Alero, told us not to panic and asked us to remain where we were.

“The two groups fought for several hours, and many of them were killed. When we returned to the area early this morning, Sunday, we saw many corpses and several motorcycles.

“As I am speaking to you at the moment, many people are trooping to this place to see the corpses and the abandoned motorcycles,” Sanda said.

Sanda reportedly stated that the towns were considering a mass burial for the terrorists’ dead bodies.

“We may dig a big grave and bury the dead bodies before they decompose,” he said.

When reached for comment, ASP Yazid Abubakar, spokesperson for the state police command, stated that he was unaware of the occurrence.

“I am not aware of this, but it is a very important development. God is answering our prayers in the fight against banditry,” Abubakar said.

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